Aron Govil Hindi Actor
Other Skills
    - Producer
    - Director

Aron Govil is a New York-based NRI, and Chairman of the Ducon Group, an international industrial conglomerate. He was named “Person of the Year 2013” by the Global Indian magazine. Although he is in the USA, he has his deep roots set in India, and he is actually from New Delhi.

He also has financed a couple of Bollywood projects before producing Jagmohan Mundra's film 'Shoot On Sight,' which was his debut in Bollywood as a producer. Before entering Bollywood, Aron Govil used to organize Bollywood shows in the USA.

He also established his own film company Aron Govil Productions Pvt. Ltd and churned out his second project ' U R My Jaan Click to look into! >> Read More... U R My Jaan .' Before plunging into Bollywood, he was very passionate about the films especially Bollywood movies.

Thus his passion brought him straight to Mumbai, and he set up an office in the Mumbai city and initiated his plans to foray into the entertainment business. He turned himself into a producer, director, and writer with his second project 'U R My Jaan'.

The film introduced two new faces in Bollywood, Mikaal, and Preeti. U R My Jaan was a very simple love story with melodious music. He even acted in this movie and took care of costume designs as well. Although he wanted to direct or produce the film with big stars, he couldn’t accomplish that due to issues with dates, Aron Govil felt that he did not achieve that status to direct actors of greater caliber.

He also faced other problems like management and other sundry issues in bringing a bigger cast for his projects. Hence, he preferred to direct new faces who are much willing to star in new Bollywood projects. Like everyone, he also dreams to produce or direct movies with the big names of Bollywood.

But then; he humbly accepts the truth, he has not achieved that status yet. Earlier, he used to manage shows starring Bollywood stars in the US and watched them, which grew his passion to make Bollywood movies. He also had a couple of scripts but did not roll out any projects until later on.

Aron Govil was also an executive producer for ' Footpath Click to look into! >> Read More... Footpath ' (2009) which was directed by S.S. Kishan. The director of photography of this movie was Rajan Mathew Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Rajan Mathew . Mysore Harish wrote the screenplay. After ‘U R My Jaan’ which was a remake of Hollywood classic movie ‘Pretty Woman’ (1990) that starred Richard Gere Richard Gere is an American actor, known for his o >> Read More... Richard Gere , and Jason Alexander Actor-cum-comedian, Jay Scott Greenspan, was famou >> Read More... Jason Alexander in the lead roles, Aron Govil is not taking up any projects.

He is a billionaire. But then, filmmaking is a full-time job, and he handles his Ducon Group, which takes up all his time. Still, he is a movie buff, and busy with posting comments on Oscar and other Hollywood movies.