Ali Arsalan Kazmi is a Pakistani born actor and director. He has been a part of the movie industry in Kazmi was born in Karachi, Pakistan, to a family of immense artistic caliber. He is the third generation of creatives in the lineage of the Bollywood actor, Shyam, who is his grandfather, and his actor-director parents, and Sahira Kazmi. Kazmi’s career in entertainment began when he was but a toddler. He first made an appearance in the National song, ‘Vattan Ki Mitti,’ directed by his mother. His travels across the world made him adept at several languages, which include English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Arabic, Persian, Pashto, and French. He began modeling and acting from the age of 14. His first on-screen appearance as a child actor was in the television drama, ‘Zikr Hai Kai Saal Ka’ on PTV Home in 1995.

He pursued a degree in information technology and later graduated with a BBA in marketing from the College of Business Management, while also working in film and television. After his education, Kazmi moved to Toronto, where he began dedicating his entire professional career to film. He received his diploma from the National Academy of Performing Arts and the Toronto Film College in direction and production for TV and film. Kazmi married his childhood sweetheart, Alizeh Khorasanee, and settled in Canada. He made appearances in numerous television commercials, brand catalogues, and even video games. His acting was featured in movies like ‘Beeba Boys (2015),’ Sardaar Ji (2015),’ and ‘The Dependables (2014).’ He did voiceovers for popular films like ‘The Breadwinner.’ He continued acting in Pakistani television shows such as ‘Baaghi (2017)’ and ‘Badnaam (2017).’Kazmi even hosted the TV show ‘One Central.’ He went on to collaborate with ARY Digital and Hum TV to produce dramas like ‘Socha Na Tha (2016),’ Zaakham (2017),’ ‘Balaa (2018),’ and ‘Cheekh (2019)’ under the ‘Big Bang Entertainment’ banner.

He has also been a keen athlete who has participated in various marathons, triathlons, and is also a certified scuba diver. Kazmi founded the production house, China Syndrome Productions Inc., and also started the Blue Ocean Ethnic Productions Company as a subsidiary of it. As the head of these enterprises, he has designed and produced several brand advertisements, documentaries, and shorts. He has integrated multiple cultures in his work and created many unique multimedia projects throughout his career.