Birthday: 1985


Sonali Mukherjee is an Indian girl who suffered from acid attack when she was 18 years age of age. The incident happened in 2003. Sonali was born and brought up in Dhanbad. She was a part of National Cadet Corps cadet. In 2003 three boys from her neighborhood had misbehaved with her. She was not like other girls and had raised a voice against the three. This was a kind of insult for the boys, and they decided to teach her a lesson. During the month of April, Sonali and her family members were sleeping on the roof of their house due to increase in humidity. It was at then that she was attacked by the three. They spilled acid on her face and left her with many injuries. During this incident, her sister was sleeping beside her and was also a bit injured. She was rushed to the hospital, and her father spent all their savings on her treatments.

The three accused were sentenced to nine years in jail. They had got a bail after appealing to the high court. This was a kind of threat to the Mukherjee family as they would turn up again to harm them. The family had been to various courts and even approached the Chief Minister of Jharkhand but in return did not get any strong support from them. She had been through 22 surgeries and after four years, she could hear and speak properly. The government supported her and in 2014, she was given the post of Grade III clerk in the welfare department for the deputy commissioner's office of Bokaro. Sonali never felt ashamed of her face and had the courage to come up in front of the masses. She made her appearance along with Lara Dutta Bhupathi in Kaun Banega Crorepati, a show which is anchored by meet Amitabh Bachchan.

She won 2.5 million in the game. On April 16 she got married to an electronic engineer from Dhanbad. She has done many videos in which she has given the message that beauty does not lie in looks but is inner purity.