Adorable and forever loving sister of Salman Khan Salman Khan is a very famous Indian actor and a pr >> Read More... and the wife of Aayush Sharma Aayush Sharma was born in a place called Mandi whi >> Read More... , one of the businessmen and aspiring actor, Arpita Khan was born on August 1st, 1989. She was born and brought up in Mumbai. Salma Khan and adopted her. She is blessed to have three Khans as her brothers. Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan Born in a family that has strong ties in the film >> Read More... and Sohail Khan Sohail Khan is an Indian Film Actor. He is also a >> Read More... are her brothers. She had a degree in Fashion Marketing and Management from London College of Fashion. But she is now working as an interior designer in a well-established construction firm in Mumbai.

At home, she is very close to her mom, Salma Khan and she used to share the minutest moments with her mom and she is also close to her brother Sohail Khan. As a sister of Salman Khan, they maintain an easy going relationship. As a member of the Khan family, Arpita Khan became famous with her wedding. She dreamt of a fairy tale wedding from the beginning. Salman Khan, being a brother, fulfilled her wish by planning the grand marriage ceremony in the Taj Faluknama Palace in Hyderabad. She married her longtime boyfriend Aayush Sharma on November 18th, 2014.

Aayush Sharma is a Delhi based business personality, and he is also interested in entering the film industry. Her marriage was a celebration for Bollywood. All the Khans from Bollywood and many others from the industry attended the wedding. Salman Khan gifted her a 16 Crore rupees flat in Mumbai. On a specific occasion, she said that though Salman Khan is a bit busy, we maintain an easy going relationship. A few rumors do exist on the internet stating that she was in a relationship with Arjun Kapoor Arjun Kapoor is a Bollywood star. He was born on 2 >> Read More... previously.

Arpita Khan had many memorable incidents happen to her after her marriage with Aayush Sharma. For her first birthday after marriage, Aayush Sharma took her to Barcelona for the bash. God gifted the couple with a baby boy recently on March 30th. Salman Khan on that occasion gifted a BMW car to the newborn boy (named Ahil).

Aayush Sharma Hindi Actor

Aayush Sharma

Aayush Sharma was born in a place called Mandi which is situated in the state of Himachal Pradesh. His father, Anil Sharma is a politician of the Congress party in Mandi. Mobile phones for the first time were brought in India by the famous politician Pandit Sukh Ram,who was Aayush Sharma's grandfather. Mandi was a small town where everyone was aware of the Sharma family unlike in Mumbai where no one recognized them, and they were so loved by the people in Mandi that they had never lost an election. Their family was very reserved in the public's eye but even though they didn't interact much with the media, they were well aware on how they should act in public. Though Aayush was born in Himachal Pradesh he studied at the Delhi Public School in Delhi. As famous was Aayush's family background in politics in the same way he had always been inspired to join Bollywood. When he finished his school, he took permission from his parents to support his idea of becoming an actor, but they denied it. They thought it was just a passing phase that will disappear soon. But soon after he left for Mumbai to become an actor. His parents supported him after a long struggle. It seems that Sharma has fixed a target for himself that if he does not get a film to act within a short span of time, he would return to Delhi and take care of his family business. Many people don't know about his political background, but he is famously known as the brother-in-law of the famous superstar of the Bollywood industry Salman Khan. Sharma is married to Arpita Khan, who is the youngest adopted daughter of the Khan family and also a fashion designer. They met in the year 2011 through some of their mutual friends and then they lost touch for about a year and then again they met and started dating. They were so in love with each other that they inked each other's name on their hands. They got married in the year 2014 though it should have been in the year 2015, but it got preponed as it was to clash with Salim Khan's 50th wedding anniversary with Salma Khan. The wedding took place according to Hindu traditions. They had a very lavish wedding in Hyderabad at the Falaknuma Palace on November 18th. Salman Khan gifted a house worth 16 crores to the newly married couple. Though Aayush Sharma is shy and reserved, Arpita Khan is headstrong and straight-forward. Arpita is the one who chooses on the holiday trips and on the food while Aayush is in charge of the movies they watch. Sharma states that he cannot talk even to his dad about cinema but with Arpita he can talk almost about anything as they are best of friends. The couple was blessed with a baby boy, Ahil on March 30, 2016. Sharma is a dog lover, a man who is obsessed with gadgets and video games. He loves to travel to different countries. He is hugely into brands and loves children.