Neela Bhagwat is a Hindustani musician born on 29 November 1942. She is of Gwalior Gharana as represented by Pandit Sharatchandra Arolkar. Her teacher is Jal Balporia. She is famous for composing and performing Thumris from a feminist perspective. Her contributions include the composition of Meera and Kabir bhajans. She is a singer, professor, and a translator by profession. She has the Gwalior style. She has upheld the aesthetic principles of traditional music. As an innovative performer, she has combined the purity of raga with the folk idiom of medieval saint poets like Kabir, Shajo and Meera. Her innovating style related the traditional form to the contemporary concerns which brought her the critical acclaim in India as well as in Europe.

Under the blessings of her Gurus, Pandit Sharatchandra Arolkar, and Pandit Jal Balaporia, she has given concerts, cut CDs, released audio albums. She has also performed over the global television channels like Star Plus and Music Asia. Her nominated performances are Sadho Dekho Jag Burana (Kabir Vol 1 2013), Mediate Yourself (2013), Tum Darshan Bina May (Meera 2013), Soul To Soul (2013), Haathon Main Hari Naam Ki Mahndi (2013), Pee Le Pyala (Kabir Vol 1 2013), Na main Dharmi (Kabir Vol 1 2013), Nainon Ki Tum jyot (Krishna Aradhana 2013), and Mori Chunari Main (Kabir Vol 1 2013). During an interview by Ananyaa Gaur, she said," I always try to understand the beauty of composition and learn its methods and ideas. Musical rhyming in the making of the composition is very much necessary. I make these rhyming by heart." She also stated,"

We all are standing on the shoulders of traditions, we have to be rooted and at the time we have to breathe the fresh air and are important." When she sang thumri and Chota Khayal, she felt that it is very traditional, and it must have some different touch. So, she thought of composing it in her context. She is a feminist, individual and an independent women. Her composition on Thumri and Chota Khayal brought the music from 18th century to 21st century. She said that Music as a language of transmitting the message was not known in today's times. It can be reused in many ways." She also worked with females and children. Her songs make our souls vibrate. She is a legend in the field of traditional music.