Penaz Masani Hindi Actress
Penaz Masani is best known as the Indian Ghazal Singer. She has released more than 20 albums and has been honoured with one of the most prestigious award in India, “Padmashree” in the year 2009. She has also won the title “Shehzadi Tarunnam” by UP GOVT in the year 1996. In her long career, she has won many awards for her singing. She is known to put spellbound on people in her concert. She is also known to be very good in Urdu. She has sung songs over dozen of languages, which makes her a true prodigy and makes her deserving of all those awards that are bestowed upon her. 

Penaz was born into a family of classical musicians. Her father was a disciple of Ustad Faiyaz Khansahab of the Agra gharana, a classical singer in the court of Sayaji Rao Gaekwad of Baroda in the 1930's, where he performed to an audience of royals and courtiers. Penaz had her first lessons in the same tradition under the guidance of Ustad Amanat Hussein Khan and later became a disciple of India's famed and most revered Ghazal exponent Madhurani. Through all the hardship, she became the melodious classical singer. 

For the first time, this esteemed singer was noticed by famous composer late Jaidev, after she won the “Sur Singer Samrat” contest in 1978. Since the glorious introduction, Penaz has sung and participated in countless prestigious programs on Doordarshan, Star TV, and Zee TV. 

Ghazal lovers from different part of the world, loves her voice, and travel to different countries just to hear the padmashree Penaz Masani.