Falguni Pathak Hindi Actress
She is simple, cute, charming yet sweet & attractive looking sweet singer. When she sings, then seriously our ear feels the taste of sugar dissolving in it. This can be the introduction of none other than “Falguni Pathak”. 

She is the only female leading singer who has sold his own albums more than anyone in the country. Her fan following is so huge, that she has done a lot of world tour’s. She has sung songs on almost every jewelry & dresses of girls. She has also performed on a lot of cultural events & festivals. Remember her song on actress Ayesha Takiya – Meri Chunar Udd Udd jaye or other famous song O Piya, Maine Payal Hai Chankai, Chudi, Pal Pal Teri Yaad Satayein O Piya, etc. Falguni Pathak was born on 12 Mar, 1971 in Baroda, Gujarat, India. She is a traditional musician & roots to Gujarat in the soul of the music. She basically sings romantic music & she has a band named “Tha Thaiya”. Her songs are very lovable and are mostly liked by the young couples. 

She has released a lot of albums in her career like Dil Jhoom Jhoom Nache, Yaad Piya ki Aane Lagi, Maine Payal Hai Chankai, Dandiya Queen (latest album), which are very famous. She performs on stage for the album Dandiya Queen, which has the genre of the music as Folk & Romance. She is available in social platform like Facebook and has a great fan following. Her first performance at the stage been, when she was nine years old. Singing was never the choice of her, but it became by default, she says in an interview. She has recorded a number of songs for the films also. 

She is considered as very kind, cool & happening woman. One of the trademarks of her can be seen during the Navaratri’s. This time you can find all her songs running on every music channel. You can also find her sudden interviews during these days, because she is the “Queen of Dandiya”.