Roja Ramani

Other names of Roja Ramani: Chembaruthi Shobana
Birthday: 16-09-1959
Age: 59
Star sign: Libra

Roja Ramani is a south Indian actress who has acted in 300 films in Hindi and other South Indian language. As a child artiste, she bagged the title role in a Telugu film 'Bhakta Prahlada' that released in 1967. It was a super hit movie, and she bagged the national film award for her performance in this film as a child artist. Although, in her childhood, she was not even allowed to see a movie, as destiny could have a final say on this actress fortune, she visited AVM studio unknowingly. It was only after AVM Chettiar spotted her in the studio, she was finalized to play the child role in the film. After AVM Chettiar had approved Roja Ramani,  she had to undergo screen test, and some photo shoots too.

After Roja Ramani's success with 'Bhakta Prahlada', the child artist Roja Ramani then went to act in 80 films as a child artist in Tamil, Telugu, and even Hindi.  She was so much busy as a child actress that she dropped out from school and concentrated on movies only. When she was 12, she started acting like an adult actress. She only acted in Malayalam movies as a grown up child and when she was no longer Baby Ramani.  She worked in about 20 Malayalam films.

Some of Roja Ramani's notable films include ‘Paruva Kaalam’ (Tamil), ‘Kanya Vaiyasulu’ (Telugu) and ‘Chembarathi‘ (Malayalam). She started her career in 1965 when she was just five years old and worked non-stop till 1981. It was later she decided to get married to one of her child co-star S. Chakrapani, an Oriya actor. With Chakrapani, she has acted in an Oriya film ‘Choti Bahen’. She has a son who is actor Tarun and a daughter Amulya. After marriage, she took two–year break from film schedules and, later on, she worked only as a dubbing artiste. She has lent her voice for Khushboo, Suhasini, Vijaya Shanthi, Shilpa Shetty, Divya Bharathi, Nagma too. As a dubbing artiste, she even lent her voice for many Mumbai actresses too who acts in South Indian movies. She was born on born 16 September 1959 in Chennai.