Riya Chopra Hindi Actress
  • DOB : 21-12-1985
  • Age : 34
  • Star Sign : Sagittarius
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Priya Arya Hindi Actress

Priya Arya

Priya Arya, though not many people know her name, happens to have an extensive resume. She has a degree in hotel management, is the founder of her very own company and many more. She’s had a lot of ups and downs in life but has always gotten back up to face life on her terms. RESUME: Born on 14th September 1988, she did her schooling in Dr. Virendra Swarup Public School, followed by a Bachelor’s course from Kanpur University. For higher studies she trained at IHM Lucknow and applied for a diploma at the National Institute of Hotel Management Catering. After graduation, she started working as a management trainee in the Taj hotel at Delhi, for seven months. After that, she worked for eight months as the senior accounts executive at the Foresight ad agency. Since then she got promoted to working as the guest relation officer for Sony television for only five months. Finally, she hit the main screens and stayed there for 10 years. After this long stint, she took a break and worked as freelance associate creative content advisor in Clapstem production. Clearly, she kept a lot if fingers in a lot of pies. Having a tenacious nature, she never gave up or backed down in life. After this extensive work life, she continued by working as managing director at Spicey Smile India Pvt. Ltd. She followed that up as a freelance creative director at Tijori Inc., a senior associate creative head for Beyond Dreams, senior ACD for Balaji Telefilms, writer for Endemol India, creative content director for Big Shows Entertainment, creative director for Spot On Entertainment, an active member of the Loksatta party and managing director for Create-O-Dreamz. While working at Create-O-Dreamz she started parallelly working for CSIM Bangalore as NGO director and then took a counseling course at Banjara Academy. Finally, she founded her company of WOW foundation and at present is the president. ACTING LIFE: Starting as a self-employed actor from 1999, Priyaa’s first serial was Chingaari on Zee TV. After that, she got married and settled in the very next year and kicked away her acting career. After two years, when her husband passed away, she was in deep financial crisis and thus had to pull up her socks and get to work. She started her 2nd phase on the small screen with Yeh Meri Life Hai followed by Princess Dolly And Her Magic Bag, Left Right Left and Kasturi. She had also gotten a firsthand experience of working in theater shows. She likes theaters and believes working in one will help polish her acting skills. INTERESTS: She’s involved in astrology and numerology and has a passion for meditation. Also, she’s trained herself to read Tarot cards, and to follow the advice of her numerologist has changed her name to Prriyaa Ary. Her parents never supported her choice of career but still she loves her family and tries to devote as much time to them as possible. Another Version of this bio... Priya Arya, a television actress, is a well-known figure in the industry for her roles in the popular television series Kasturi in which she played the character of Alka Chawla, Left Right Left and a cameo in series called Kasam Se.Also, popularly know for her appearance in Saas Vs Bahu, Priya Arya has been found to believe in astrology to allow success her way. After being suggested to make a few changes in her name, she decided to add an ‘r’ to Priya and remove the last letter ‘a’ from Arya and so she is now to be known as Prriya Ary. When Prriya’s parents were moving to the United States during her school days, she decided to stay home since she did not wish to leave the country. Hard working and dedicated she graduated with a management degree from Lucknow after which she started working as a management trainee in the Taj Hotel in Delhi. It was when she joined an ad agency that she found the desire to enter the field of the performing arts. Her first stint as an actress was in her first TV series named Chingaari aired on Zee TV. But it was not long when she started to feel unsure about continuing in this field of work. Being married in 2000 and losing her husband within a few years she had to force herself to get back on track, that is when she resumed her career as an actress. She became a familiar face not just among adults but children as well. It was after her performance in Princess Dolly and Her Magic Bag aired on StarPlusthat she became a popular figure among kids. It was after this that series by which she is more popularly known as followed i.e. Kasturi and Left Right Left. Prriya has also joined the Yatri group to hone her skills in the performing arts. She has played a character in the play based in Mumbai named “A Perfect Divorce” directed by Vandana Sajnani. Believed to practice meditation, the qualities she looks for in a man is that “he should have a sense of humour, be a responsible person and above all be romantic, caring and soft-hearted not just towards me but to all.”


Roopam Bajwa

Roopam Bajwa, (Rupam) is an Indian Film actress, notable for her works in many Bollywood films. She was born and brought up in Punjab. She is not only a good actress, also highly qualified. She is currently married to ‘Christopher Cullum’ and resides in Florida, the United States of America. So, she is now Roopam Bajwa Cullum. Both got married in 2008 two years after her Bollywood debut film in 2006. Before her movie she did her ‘Masters in Science in computer Applications’ from ‘Guru Nanak Dev University’ in Punjab (2000-2003). After that she did her ‘Masters in Telecommunications’ from ‘George Mason University’ from 2004 to 2006. Currently she is working as a Senior Business Analyst at 'Fiserv' a company in Florida from the last 5 years. She made her debut in the well-known comedy movie 'Khosla Ka Ghosla' directed by the famous director, ‘Dibakar Banerjee’ who also directed the National Award Winning movie “Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!”. The best part is that she made her debut alongside hugely experienced actors like ‘Anupam Kher’ who was recently seen in the movie ‘Baby”, Ranvirshorey (who is mostly seen playing comedy roles), Vinay Pathak ,who played a lead role in ‘Bheja Fry’ and ‘Boman Irani’ who was recently seen in the super hit movie ‘PK’ starring Aamir Khan. In the movie Roopam played the role of Nikki Khosla, who was the younger daughter of Anupam Kher. The film was a low budget film but it did great at the box office. The movie was such a hit that later in 2008 it was remade in Tamil. Roopam's role was quite appreciated by critics and this role gave her fame. However, later she left the industry after her marriage.

Roopam Bajwa Hindi Actress