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Hindi Movie Actress Pooja Thakur
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Pooja Thakur is a known face who has been in the entertainment industry for only a short period but has left her impact on everyone. She was born to Amita Kumari on 2nd of October in the year 1992 in the state of Himachal Pradesh. She has not just worked in the Bollywood film industry but has also established herself well in the Punjabi film industry. Pooja wanted to be a famous face, but it was only after graduation that she thought to give her luck a chance and try in the entertainment industry. She made her debut in the film Lovely to Lovely, which is a Punjabi movie. She is a very versatile girl who has not only been a known face in the Punjabi film industry but was also seen in a Bollywood film, Ranbanka, which was her debut Bollywood movie. She feels fortunate enough to have received an opportunity so big that she was cast alongside Manish Paul Manish Paul is an Indian television actor, host an >> Read More... and Ravi Kishan Ravi Kishan Shukla, or ostentatiously known by his >> Read More... . This was a comedy movie which was directed by Aryeman Ramsay Aryeman Ramsay was born on 22nd August, 1980 in De >> Read More... , and it came out in the year 2015.

Another flick in which she will be seen is Mann Gaye Jija Ji, which is a Punjabi movie, and this film is yet to be released. Not only has she tried her luck and spread her charm in several movies in the Bollywood as well as Punjabi film industry, but has also made appearances in the several music videos of several Punjabi Pop singers. The various singers with whom she has appeared in videos with are Roshan Prince Roshan Prince was born on September 12, 1981, in B >> Read More... , who is a Punjabi singer as well as a musician and is famous for songs like Bas Tu, Dil Darda, etc. She also worked with Sardool Sikander, who is known for his singles like O Ho, Nakhra Dance Da among several others.


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