Jonita Doda is an Indian movie actress. South Indian, Punjabi and Hindi films have been her forte, and she has earned her fame from these linguistic hits. Apart from her successful movie career, a number of advertising campaigns have helped her build up her prominence. She was born to Chandigarh residents who ran a successful business empire in the city itself. She has always promoted herself as a family person, also talking about her superb rapport with her elder brother and her lifestyle in a closely knit household. Her majors in school, St. Stephens, Chandigarh, were medical subjects. However, she changed her stream in graduation, choosing Business Administration as her major. She did her Masters in Mumbai in the subjects Marketing and International Business. Jonita Doda was all set to pursue her career in the same stream as her subjects when loads of opportunities of being on the big screen came in pouring in front of her. Being from a non-filmy background with none so ever experience or references in the industry, she was at first hesitant about the break. Eventually, she took a call on it and her parents were extremely supportive of her choices.

With no formal training in any film related jobs, her success was the result of solely her integrity and confidence. Owing to her luck, she got the chance to work with the most popular face of the music industry as well as Punjabi cinema, Gurdas Mann. Her first film was Chak Jawana opposite Gurdas. Directed by Simerjeet Singh, the film puts a spotlight on the youth of Punjab who were heedless about their responsibilities. Her skills and role were lauded by the critics.

Her horizon of work just kept enhancing in the Punjabi cinema. She gave hits like Yaara O Dildara with Harbhajan Mann and Kabir Bedi, followed by Yamley Jatt Yamley. Her movie Patta Patta Singhan Da Vairi also swept away the hearts of Punjabi audiences. Her talent and work wasn’t just limited to Punjabi movies, she also tried her hand in South Indian films. Makkal Padai and Adhikaram are a few of the many South Indian flicks. One of her Hindi films Dil Bechara Pyaar ka Maara was written and directed by Onkar Nath Mishra and was released in 2004.

Comedy, action, thrillers, romantic and many more are the genres of the movies she has worked in. She has reiterated in her interviews that in her opinion Kollywood and Bollywood aren’t separate but a subset of the Indian Film Industry which is linguistically rich and is blessed enough to produce great cinema in so many genres. Her advertising campaigns include many popular brands like Madame, Amul, Kalaniketan, etc. Apart from her involvement in mainstream cinema, she is also an activist. She has been a part of loads of medical camps to help enhance health in slums. She has also been an active part of cultural programs for physically disabled people. Along with these causes, she supports organisations that take a stand for AIDS awareness.

Jyothi Rana

Approximately, one thousand people daily land in Mumbai to make their mark in the film industry. They are passionate to make their career in Bollywood. But do all succeed in becoming top actor or actress? Most of them end up being a junior artist or doing side roles. And some who are bold enough land in the industry of adult films. Yes, apart from Bollywood, Mumbai is a hub of the adult industry too where B and C grade movies are produced. We may regard these movies as cheap but there are many viewers of these films, and they end up doing considerable business. Jyoti Rana is one of the few faces of this industry who has been working in B and C grade films since last two decades. In this category, she prefers horror and thriller flicks as these have helped her to establish her in adult movies. Born and brought up in Mumbai, Jyoti belongs to a lower middle-class family. She wanted to become an actress since childhood and was very particular about her dressing sense, and body. On reaching her early twenties, she auditioned for many roles but failed to give a kick start to her career. In Mumbai, time runs very fast, and being a Mumbaikar Jyothi realized it very soon. Seeing her career going nowhere, she shifted her focus from A grade movies to B and C grade films. She auditioned for few roles and soon landed up with her debut role. She was asked to shape up her figure a bit for the role which she did. Her debut flick was ‘Purani Kabar,’ a horror flick. With her first movie only, she was stereotyped and horror scripts started pouring in. ’Purani Kabar’ released in 1998. From 1998 to 2000, Jyoti appeared in more than two dozen flicks. Few of them are Dracula, School girl, Kaam Vasna, Kharidaar, Samri, Shaitan Tantrik, Khooni Ilaaka: The prohibited area, Murda Ghar, Khopdi the skull, Band Kamre Mein, and Naakhoon. She was on the top of her adult film career in the year 2000. But after 2000, she worked on few scripts. Since 2001, she has worked only in six flicks. She remains disappeared from the screen for many years and then returns with a small role just to make her presence felt. She has last seen in Karar the deal and was playing the role of Annie in it.

Jyothi Rana Hindi Actress