Akshatha Marla is a beautiful, charming, and talented actress of the Indian film industry. She mainly works in the South Indian films that are in the Kannada films. Also, she hails from the states of the Southern region of India. She is known among the audience for her film titled “ Shwethaa” which is a Kannada movie of the horror genre that shows thrilling drama.

She bagged the lead role of a character named “Shwethaa” in it and paired with the actor Srinivas Prabhu. She acted under the direction of the director Rajesh R Balipa and the production of the producer PM Rama Chandra Reddy under the production company called SRY Productions. She worked with many other actors who were in the supporting role such as Dattatreya HG, Geeta Sree, Hrudaya Shiva, Kiran Vati, Manjunath Reddy, Praveen Laksh, Sheela Gowda, Vishnu Prasad, and YashwanthBijur.

The dialogues were written by Hrudaya Shiva and the photography director was Nagarjun D. The music area was managed by the music director Kiran Ravindranath and the lyricist Hrudaya Shiva. The film released into the cinemas of India on the 21st of July in the year 2017 and came under the adult category. The movie shows a horror story of four para-psychology student among whom one’s name is Shwethaa.

She along with her friends visits an old bungalow which is haunted. They go there to complete the shooting for their project which is related to the existence of evil spirits. In that bungalow, Shwethaa encounters a dybbuk box that has an ancient symbol that looks like a satanic symbol engraved on it. She takes that box along with her to her home as she is not aware of the evil and haunting powers residing inside the box.

She tries to open that box at different occasions but always fails in doing so. But on one night, it opens on its own, and the horror story continues. The plot contains some sort of suspense also. This makes the audience eager about knowing the further happenings. This film was her debut film into the Kannada film industry, but it received average reviews from the audience.

The fan’s response was not very good, but it was neither a flop film nor a box – office hit. She played her part well, and it can be considered as a good start for her into the cine world of glamour, fashion, fame, and luxury.

Aksha Bhatt Hindi Actress

Aksha Bhatt

Aksha Bhatt was born on the 1st December 1994 in Srinagar in India. She did her schooling in Carmel Convent School. She completed her degree in audiology. When she saw the first movie in her college days she decided to become an actress. And she started her career as a model. Her hobby is writing poems and she is also interested in direction field so while shooting only Aksha Bhatt learns many things from the director. Aksha Bhatt’s father is head of Punjabi National Bank and her mother is a housewife. She has an elder brother, he is MBA graduate.Aksha Bhatt saw her first film in her college days only because in Kashmir there are no theaters so from her childhood onwards she did not se any movie. She did 30 advertisements in print and commercial. In 2013 she did her first movie. Aksha Bhatt loves pets and loves gardening. She maintains a little garden in her room. And she spends most of her time in the workout. She enjoys a lot playing with an elephant during one her movie shooting Her nspiration is her mother and her  favorite hero is Dilip Kumar.Aksha Bhatt will be always  very active on social sites and she is a great selfie lover.And  for parties she always prefers to wear jumkis to her ears and also light color dresses. She loves shopping and  also loves chatting and traveling. She loves Ilaya Raja’s music. She is having 5493 followers on FB. Aksha Bhatt loves to play with newborn babies.Aksha Bhatt loves actor Manisha Koirala; she loves mostly  her acting and appearance in the Game movie.