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Pritika Choudhary Hindi Actress

Pritika Choudhary

Pritika Choudhary is an Indian actress. She has recently started her career. She wants to be a renowned actress of Bollywood. She is known for her beauty and her cute character in Film Industry. In her childhood, she had a keen interest in dance and acting. From her school days she started to participate in dramas, role-plays and dance gatherings for which she received numerous prizes. As Pritika grew up, she worked hard to improve her skills. Her family never had any connections with Film Industry, but they motivated her to bring a great actress out of her. After doing her graduation, she joined acting classes. She made her first debut in “Jhamela” movie. She hasn’t appeared in TV serials yet. She gave a lot of auditions but couldn’t get a role that could suit her. So this rising actress started to try for movies. This 28 years old actress is doing her best to hold her name high in the Film Industry. This struggling beauty went for an audition for “Jhamela” movie where on watching her Santosh Sawant a.k.a Pawa decided to cast Pritika for her versatility in acting and dedication towards the role. . A single work of Pritika has shown how talented she is. Pritika’s performance has specially managed to capture hearts of people. Many of her co-actors and directors appreciated her performance in “Jhamela.” She with her co-Star “Pawa” received a “HumLog Award” for the same movie. The film has made its way to Toronto International Film Festival, Melbourne Film Festival. The film has also recognized at Cannes Film Festival. Jhamela was appreciated by the people there and shared huge enthusiasm as the film had a separate different screening too. Rumors are that she is already booked and working for some other project which is not yet disclosed. Pritika with her charming beauty seems to be a very successful actress in the near future. Pritika after doing her first movie has decided to enter in the modeling industry to try her luck. Besides acting, the beautiful actress finds her interests in dance, painting, fashion and playing badminton. She always tries to be herself and actively participates in every event where she could prove herself to the world.


Aiysha Saagar

Aiysha Saagar an Indian origin pop star who lives in Australia. She has her roots in Bengal and Punjab. Her incline towards music began at the tender age of 6, and by the time she was 15, she started performing in live shows. She was born in the Fiji Islands and spent her childhood in Queensland. She also possesses a triple degree, in Law, Accounting as well as Financial Planning. Her music videos which are in three languages namely Punjabi, Hindi and English capture the hearts of millions around the globe. She is the very first Indian who received an endorsement to be the Ambassador of Australia's Gold Coast to India and actively participates in promoting trade and tourism in India. She collaborated with brands like Vodafone, Johnson & Johnson and Coca-Cola among others. She worked with many well-known music directors including Jaidev Kumar, who is famous for his song Dil Lai Gayi Kudi Gujarat Di, Santokh Singh as well as Himesh Reshammiya. Aiysha's on-stage performances are electric and immensely loved by the audiences. She utilized the power of social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube more recently and engaged actively with her fans on these platforms. She believes that such participation with audiences allows her to showcase her personal as well as professional life and create a bond with the people. Aiysha lived in Mumbai for a period of ten years starting from 2005 to 2015 and did around 300 live shows during that time in India. Since 2015 she shifted her base to Australia which helped her stay in close vicinity to her family as well as her business. Bollywood music inspires her a lot, and she is a big fan of the Indian film industry. Asha Bhonsle is one of her favorite singers. When she began a career in music, she left her well established and a successful corporate job. Her first English and Punjabi single song were Mundaya, and after the song released she got noticed in India and the film fraternity. Her journey was challenging, but her biggest motivation was her passion for music. She plans to venture into Bollywood too but is waiting for the right opportunity. Her performances and attitude are many times compared to Shakira and Lady Gaga yet she is very Indian at heart. She watches a lot of Bollywood movies and artists like A. R. Rahman and Mouhammed Rafi are one of her biggest inspirations.

Aiysha Saagar Hindi Actress