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Vikas Patil

Other names of Vikas Patil: Veekas Patil
Vikas Patil Hindi Actor
  • DOB : 24-09
Vikas has taken the Marathi film industry by storm in the last few years. Having started at a very young age, he has a huge bag of experience to boast of. His earliest contribution to the industry would be his work in the movie of Humshakal in 1992. His role was well appreciated and liked by the audience. In the same year Naseebwala did a lot of good to his rising career. He was a young but dedicated actor.

However, over the years, his career graph took an upward sloping curve as he kept delivering one good project after another. He did not limit himself to acting alone. He tried his luck behind the camera as well with his production venture Manya Sajjana in 2008. In 2009 he worked on the project called Chala Khel Khelu Ya Doghe. 2012 saw the release of two of his movies namely Gola Berij and Tukaram.

Next up, there are two unreleased projects to his name. These include Dharmantar and Por Bazaar. It is not known why these were released in 2013 and 2014 respectively, but the audience surely wants to see more of the talented actor. He can boast of his good looks and charming suave aura, but that does not take away his talent of working in front of the camera.