Sunil Malik Hindi Actor

Sunil Malik is among the newcomers in the Indian Entertainment Industry, with a role of Ramu in a forthcoming Bollywood motion picture, Dhobi Ki Dulhan Pyari Hai (2015); he calls himself lucky, concerning his first role in which he landed and thrown him in front of the big screen, as the main character, which feels like a cherry on top of a cheesecake.

Sunil Malik was born on July 16th, 1987 in New Delhi. Since his Childhood Sunil Malik wanted to be an actor and was a huge movie fanatic. He used to take part in school plays and usually performed in front of his family and friends. As he grew up, his enthusiasm for turning into a part of the Entertainment Industry developed with him, which turned into the reason he moved from Delhi to Mumbai, as he wanted to show the world what exactly it is he is prepared to do. 

In 2012, he moved to Mumbai and began his profession by being cast in some TV ads. The start was not what he hoped for. However, he worked hard and tried to prove himself. Eventually, with the passage of time he got what he wanted; being cast in a Bollywood film as one of the lead performing artists. In his spare time, Sunil likes to play cricket with his friends; he also likes to swim, and in his school times, won numerous swimming competitions.