Suhail Karim is an Indian film actor, who starred and debuted in the 2012 Hindi film, Love Recipe, opposite Rani Agrawal in the lead roles. Before entering the filmdom, he was a car racing enthusiast; however, he gave up his career as a racer and tried his luck in Bollywood.

Subrat Dutta Hindi Actor

Subrat Dutta

Subrat Dutta also known as Subrata or Subroto Dutta is an actor known for his roles in many Hindi and Bengali films. Born in the district of Bankura in the state of West Bengal, Subrat was struck by a passion for theatre and film at a very young age but never expected to end up acting in films. After higher secondary education, Subrat spent most of his time watching movies. He watched almost 30 movies in a single month. Eventually, young Subrat had found his way to the folk drama of West Bengal, known as Jatra. His desire to enter the field of cinema carried him to a 40-day workshop at the National School of Drama, popularly known as NSD situated in New Delhi. His journey to mould the actor in him did not end there. Subrat moved to London seeking training from the Central School of Speech and Drama after achieving a scholarship. Buddhadeb Dasgupta’s ‘Uttara’ was Subrat Dutta’s first film and was also in Bengali. ‘Swapner Feriwala' directed by Subrat Sen was one of Subrat’s most impactful roles in Bengali cinema. He has played villainous and comedic roles in various films both Hindi and Bengali. He made his debut appearance in Bollywood with Rohit Shetty’s ‘Zameen’ in 2003. He played notable roles in Bollywood such as ‘Director Basu’ in the 2014 film, ‘The Shaukeens’, the villainous ‘Kakdi’ in ‘Tevar (2015)’ and as ‘Shashi Bhai’ in ‘Talaash’ the Aamir Khan starrer, which got released in 2012. 2009 released ‘Madholal Keep Walking’ directed by Jai Tank got nominated and won Subrat Dutta the Best Actor award at Cairo International Film Festival. Samaresh Basu’s famous novel Calcutta Unabashed was adapted into ‘Bibar’ the 2006 released movie starring Subrat Dutta. His role in Bibar got him yet another Best Actor award at the Osian Cinefan Festival held at New Delhi in 2006. Subrat Dutta is not only a successful actor but also is a talented painter and a trained dancer in Kathak and Rabindra Nritya.


Kuldeep Sareen

Kuldeep Sareen is an Indian actor. He works mostly in Hindi television and film industry. He says he was meant for Indian Television Screen and loved it to be om Television. He is basically from Gwalior but after education moved to Delhi and joined NSD and fell in love with Dilshan Garden of Delhi. Even if he lives in Mumbai, he makes his constant visits to Delhi. He says he is fond of Delhi’s road, greenery as well as fashion. He appreciates the liveliness and zest of Delhi. His favourite spots in Delhi are India Gate, Qutub Minar, and Humayun Makbara. He exclaims it is very peaceful over there. He enjoys sitting there alone and gives introspect within. He is a foodie person and likes the street food there. He said Delhi is famous for its variety of junk food available in every corner. He relishes on it and seems to be very fond of it. He misses the street food of Delhi always. He said that he had tried every street food of Delhi and each time he discovered a new taste bud in him. Being a student of NSD, he visits NSD, but he says there is a lot of difference between early days and now. The city and their choices have been grown. The city has changed from every aspect. He always wanted to act in movies but had to start his career with Television. The actor says it is destined. Life gives you what you deserve and will hand it over to you at a correct time. Though I started with television, I ended up acting in movies. So later or early you get what you want. He was interested in pursuing his career in acting since his childhood. So he made his way to Delhi and worked hard for it. With early disappointments, he finally made it to Crime Patrol. He comes in the serial as an investigating officer. He has also done work in serials like Kumkum and Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo. Though the role was small, he made his impact last long. He is a very optimistic person. Many times when depression grabbed him, he came out of it with a new hope and approach towards life, and this worked for him always. He considers his movie Striker as a turning point for him. He also claims to be a little superstitious when asked.

Kuldeep Sareen Hindi Actor