Shashanka Ghosh was an advertisement guru before he turned director, writer, and actor in Bollywood movies. He tried his hand at Chartered Accountancy but within two months concluded that he didn’t fit there. He then thought of pursuing an MBA but ruled out that option as well after learning that it required one to wear a tie to work.

He, in fact, dabbled in a lot of different industries, like leather export, marketing, client servicing and still continue to experiment with life. He is the man behind Pepsi’s ‘Yehi Right Choice Hai Baby’ and Boost’s ‘Secret of Energy’ as well as the launch of Channel [V] and MTV.

He was the Creative Director of Channel [V] for eight years. The first film that he directed was Waisa Bhi Hota Hai – Part II. The movie cropped up because of his boredom in the advertisement industry and his curiosity to experience the unpredictable Bollywood industry. He then went on to direct Quick Gun Murugan, which is about a vegetarian cowboy battling a non-vegetarian villain, Mumbai Cutting and Khoobsurat which is about a quirky and undisciplined physiotherapist who falls for a formal and disciplined as well as engaged ‘pince’. He also acted in Aamir which is about a man on a journey to save his family which has been taken as hostage.

In all these years, he has come about to be known as the director who makes small budget films with strong storylines and performances.