Sahil Ansari is an Indian actor, who starred in Lavlin Thadani’s Jeet; a film that was selected at the 5th Indo-American Arts Council Film Festival, which was held in New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York in 2005. Due to his brilliant performance in the film, he earned a nomination at the London Film Festival for Best Actor.

Sahil also worked on DD1’s show, School-2. He has been working in theater and has contributed on both national and international levels. In 2010, he made his debut feature film and starred in Rakesh Mehta’s art house film entitled Khuda Kushi, alongside Asif Khan Asif Khan is a London based architect. He is popul >> Read More... Asif Khan in the lead role.

This film bagged 11 selections in several film festivals around the world. He is currently working in Shekhar Ramesh Mishra’s Virgin Dil.

Sagar Salunke Hindi Actor

Sagar Salunke

Remember the 1988 Mahabharata (BR Chopra’s), the show for which we all starved; and remember the Balram from that show? Yes, Balram was played by this very man here. Sagar Salunke is most known and recognized for his role in Mahabharata as Balram (the elder brother of Lord Krishna). After the success of Mahabharata, Salunke got many opportunities to work in the famous Hindi movies such as Hindustani (1996 it is a Hindi dubbed version of Kamal Hasan’s Tamil Movie "Indian"), Ganga Jamuna Saraswati (Amitabh Bachchan starer movie, released in 1988), , Zindagi Ek Juaa and many others. He is doing the role of detective in a crime drama “Savdhan India”. It might be a surprise, but Mr. Salunke is a Former Assistant Commissioner of Police. He voluntarily took a retirement to make his passion of acting turn into reality. He was posted to Santacruz Police Station when he first got the call for the role of Balram. But eventually, he got the permission to work for his ambition. He has now been doing his duty for more than 32 years. He did never let his passion affect his work. Luckily, he got posted to small police stations which had less work and so he was able to give plenty amount of time to his hobby. Initially, Salunke was seen doing the role of Bhima in Mahabharata, but then eventually Bhima was given to Praveen (two times Asian Games Gold Medallist) and Salunke was finalized as Balram. Here’s another supervise, Sagar Salunke is in touch with a fan. This fan recognized him at Immigration Department of the airport; he called him out Balram out loud. And since then Balram is still in contact with his fan.


Saif E Hasan

Art is a unique way to unite people, countries and religions and art are meant to be praised, be it the art of painting , dancing or acting, be it the art belonging to your very own country or be it a talent coming from a foreign soul. The actor who is about to be discussed had flawless art of getting into people’s heart straight from their eyes. Yes, we are talking about Saife Haasan. Saif E Hassan was born on the 4th of October 1969 in KARACHI (PAKISTAN). He was obviously born into a Muslim family. Saif E Hassan was probably keen on stepping into the areas of acting owing to which, he became an active member of the theatre group TEHRIK-E-NISWAN. Then, as soon as he completed his training course from PAKISTAN TELEVISION ACADEMY in 1996 in Islamabad, which was arranged by the UNDP, he got into filmmaking. Saif E Hassan then had no looking back and today it has been ten years since he has been working as the director for HUM TV which is owned by the HUM NETWORK LIMITED and is a Pakistani channel that was launched on 17th of January 2005 with its headquarters in Karachi. Saif E Hassan has directed many serials since 2003 for some channels. The list of the serials in which directed and acted as well is quite long but let us have a look at some of them. MAR JAIN BHI TO KYA was a romantic drama which was written by IQBAL BANO and directed by Saif E Hassan with ADEEL QAMAR KHAN as the creative director.It was shot in Karachi and had 1 season with about 68 to 69 episodes and starred FARHAN ALI AGHA, ARIJ FATYMA, ESHITA MEHBOOB and JANA MALIK and SAYED JABBARN and it was telecast on HUM TV.It ran from 1st to October 2012 to 30th January 2013. His another piece was RUBARU, which was again a romantic drama written by HOOR SHUMAIL and directed by none other than Mr. Hassan. His other works include serials like CHAL CHALA CHAL , DIL KI MADHAM BOLIYAN, TUM MERE HO DIL-E-ABAD , EK PAGAL SI LARKISHAHRUKH KHAN KI MAUT(2005), INSHA’ALLAH (2009) ,TUM MERE PASS RAHO, DOUBLE TROUBLE, DIL NAHI MANTA, KHATI MEEETHI ZINDAGI,YEH SHADI NAHI HO SAKTI, UFF MERI FAMILY. Saif E Hassan came up with many awards winning directions. He won the TV ONE GLOBAL AWARD for the BEST DIRECTOR for the serial DIL KI MADHAM BOLIYAN (2005). He also received the HUM AWARD FOR BEST DIRECTOR for his serial BARI AAPA(2012). Among his recent works was the serial DIL KA RUNG KARUN, which was written by KHURRAM ABBAS and directed by him.It ran for just 19 episodes from 1st March 2015 to 10 July 2015.It starred NOOR HASSAN RIZVI and SANA JAVED along with SIDRA BATOOL and AIJAZ ASLAM. Saif E Hassan has provided quality entertainment to his viewers and in today’s scenario , where Pakistani serials are becoming Indian hits, Hassan’s future pieces will be admired.

Saif E Hasan Hindi Actor