I S Johar

Other names of I S Johar: Inderjeet Singh Johar
In the ranked list of the best stand up comedians in the Indian cinema, first and foremost of all the people agree that I S Johar’s dialogue delivery is the best among some funny comedians, but beyond that, he had different styles that approached different types of subject matter. Sometimes, he would be a cop, a detective or even a police man. Such roles were very convincing for I S Johar.

I S Johar is a multi-faceted personality, who established himself as an actor, producer, director, but since he worked in B-grade films, he could not achieve much success. He has been involved in Indian cinema since 50’s, but got popular during 60’s and 70’s. During his career, he acted almost in 35 films and was famous for comedy dialogues. 

What separated him other comedians of his time was, that he was a comedian actor, who interacted with the audience and cracked jokes spontaneously with the dialogues given to him. This came out with a well-written script of funny one liners which we had seen in the Film “Johny Mera Naamm”, where he played triple characters with three different names. 

I S Johar also wrote scripts, which were gems in the film industry such as Afsana, Nastik and Mr India. He also wrote and directed the film, and had a supporting role in Nastik; the film was hit for the soulful music and performance of Ajit and beautiful Nalini Jaywant. His favourite actors were Kumkum, Geeta Bali and Feroze Khan.

He was born in Pakistan, but post-partition, he came to Mumbai in search of acting. He acted even in Punjabi films, His wife and his son too were seen acting in a couple of films that were directed by him. He did not have successful marriage and had married four times. He acted with many Bollywood greatest actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Dev Anand, Rajesh Khanna and Dharmendra. He was highly qualified and had a law degree even. He passed away in March 10,1984.
Humayun Saeed Hindi Actor

Humayun Saeed

Humayun Saeed has been known famously across Pakistan and its film industry for his great acting skills and also as a producer of films. This talented and famous personality was born on the 27th day of July in the year 1971 in Karachi, Pakistan. Humayun is one of the five siblings that he has. Humayun studied in college for the degree of Bachelors in Commerce after which he started working at a factory for garments which was named H. Nizam Din (Pvt) Ltd for the post of a Production Manager for four years from 1991 to 1995. He entered the film industry through the movie Inteha in the year 1996. His debut TV play was Ye Jahan. Since then he has appeared in 64 television dramas and movies. When he decided to get into the film industry, his parents rebuked him and became disappointed with his decision. However, as and when he became famous and became a household name, they were the proudest parents. He is the CEO of the production company named Six Sigma Entertainment and has produced various films under his banner. Humayun can be seen in movies like Arth 2 and Bin Roye among others. He has been widely appreciated by the audience and by the critics and has won various Best Actor awards and also for his production of the Television play named Riyasat in the year 2006. Humayun is famous not just for his exceptional acting skills and quality of production but also for his wonderful and impressive voice. He is married to a girl named Samina. Humayun and his wife had gone to Bangkok to inspect the shooting locations for his upcoming movie when they met with a road accident. He was taken to be unconscious at the site of the accident and was admitted to a hospital immediately. This accident happened in the year 2014 in the month of October.


Imran Peerzada

Imran Peerzada is a Pakistani writer, theatre and film actor. He is the brother of Usman Peerzada (actor, producer and director), Saadan Peerzada (actor), and Faizaan Peerzada (the late puppeteer and fashion designer). Their father, Rafi Peerzada, is a playwright and a renowned personality in the dramatic arts of Pakistan. Imran was cast and assisted Jamil Dehlavi in the Pakistani film, The Blood of Hussain, in 1980. He is also part of Salmaan Peerzada’s Zar Gul in 1997. Imran and his brothers carried their father’s work in theater and established the Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop (RPTW) in 1974. It is a non-government organization, which aims to promote arts and culture and to educate through their activities. They have been doing puppet shows, TV and film production, developing international festivals and they are known in Pakistan as the leading theatrical production organization. They have introduced puppetry in Pakistan to the next level, and this became very popular in the country. One of their projects is Sim Sim Hamara, where Imran has sung Kisaan. However, this was shelved due to many reasons. Sim Sim Hamara is the Pakistani version of the very popular children’s TV series, Sesame Street. Recently, Imran’s brother, Usman Peerzada shared that RPTW is ready to venture into the film business, and they are planning three romantic comedy films in the future. Imran and his siblings also owned the Peerus Café in Lahore. He has written the play, Patay Khan, Usman. Imran is also part of Samina Peerzada’s (wife of Usman Peerzada) KARB on PTV classic and Pervez Malik’s Tum Se Mil Kar.

Imran Peerzada Hindi Actor