Amit Purohit is a popular Bollywood actor who is known for his exemplary acting in movies like Pankh (2010), Bijuka (2012), Aalaap (2012). Amit had won accolades for his incredible acting in Pankh. He had also acted in Seven Nights which was released in 2012. Amit Purohit had paired up again with Raveena Tandon in Shobna's Seven Nights movie. He told that he had a good learning experience from his co-actor Raveena Tandon. He also complemented that it would be a great time shooting with Raveena and she makes the co-actor to be at ease. In that movie, Amit's co-star played the role of a journalist and basically the lifestyle of night life was highlighted. In that movie, his co-star happened out to be an instrument to reflect the positive factors of enhancing the societal insights of people. In the Aalaap movie, Amit did the role of enforcing a vital change in the society. It is a powerful character and did well in the box office record. Amit's movie Bijuka is also considered to be a masterpiece acting. He made it to be a festival celebration. He feels that being an actor, it is a huge privilege for him to do any kind of roles that he acquires. But turning up to be a lucky charm in making its success is a blessing. He believes that it has to happen at the right time and the right moment as well.Amit is looking forward for the big moments of achievemnet to roll down in his career as an actor. His father is a prominent writer and he is so glad about the fact that he made him proud with his profession of acting. He is also a Ranji Trophy player, who had represented the Madhya Pradesh. He told that his only focus is acting. Amit is a rising star who does promising films.