Imran Hasnee Hindi Actor
  • DOB : 01-12-1972
  • Age : 48
  • Star Sign : Sagittarius
Other Skills

Imran Hasnee is an Indian actor with widespread fame, noted for his roles in Bollywood movies. Imran has also appeared in several Hindi television serials. Imran’s looks are a blend of Indian and Western style. 

Before entering the film industry, Imran was a software engineer. After schooling, Imran’s family shifted to Jaipur. He used to enact plays by himself during these times. But he had no idea of becoming a professional actor at that time. However, he didn’t want to become a doctor or engineer too. He wanted to do something different. At that juncture since there was software boom he got fascinated towards it. When he was in Mauritius, KFC Company happened to see him, and they offered him to do an advertisement. And this is his first stint with acting. Imran had also acted in some French films while in Mauritius. After staying in Mauritius, he came to Mumbai. He was the Operation Head of a company in Mumbai. But fate had it that Imran became a professional actor. 

Though Imran studied in an English Medium school, Hindi was also good in that school. His knowledge of Hindi only helped him in his film career. As far as his stint with television is concerned Imran met Ravi Rai Ravi Rai has worked in the film industry for nearl >> Read More... Ravi Rai and the latter gave him a role in his serial Kashish. Imran was the main villain in that serial.Thus, Imran did not face problems in getting his first break in acting, Imran’s first Hindi film Ghulami was directed by Tigmanshu Dhuliya. It was a period film. Imran had a significant role in the flick but the flick was dropped. Later he acted in the teleseries of Tigmanshu. Here he had a significant role.

Imran doesn’t believe in getting friendship with people just for the reason that they would offer him a role in their film. Being a character artist, Imran feels that he has his distinctive style of acting. 

Paan Singh Tomar Click to look into! >> Read More... Paan Singh Tomar is a noted flick in Imran's career. An athlete turns into a robber in this flick that talk about his life. In the movie, Imran plays the character of Matadeen Singh Tomar, the elder brother of Paan Singh Tomar.

It is ironical that only romantic films get widespread recognition in Bollywood and films such as Paan Singh Tomar are mired in controversies. However, this flick is very special to Imran Hasmee.

In another of his movie D-day, Imran enacted the role of Saleem Pathan. In the acclaimed movie The Dirty Picture Click to look into! >> Read More... The Dirty Picture , he essays Vijayan, the South Indian director. Apart from Hindi movies, he has also acted in several foreign movies. In the movie Slumdog Millionaire Click to look into! >> Read More... Slumdog Millionaire , Imran plays the character of security guard for the Don. Loveleen Tandon was instrumental in Imran’s role in this flick. Imran had a very brief role in the movie.
Imran feels that there are a lot of differences in the style of making Bollywood and Hollywood films. Imran had a very good experience working with Danny Boyle Danny Boyle is a British film producer, director, >> Read More... Danny Boyle , the director of Slumdog Millionaire.

In yet another noted movie, A Mighty Heart, Imran plays the character of a Pakistani Journalist. Similarly, in an upcoming French feature film, he plays the character of a murderer. 
Welcome to Karachi, Hero, YaRab, Once Upon A Time in Mumbai and Death Line are the other films in which Imran worked. Dial Home for Murder is the endeavor Imran in short films. . Imran feels that small budget films are a safe business. 

Besides movies, Imran has also acted in several Hindi language television series. He worked in a television series titled Kasshish. His other t television series was Risshton Ki Dor Risshton Ki Dor was an emotional daily drama soap >> Read More... Risshton Ki Dor . Similarly, he has acted in yet another television serial named Sapnon Se Bhare Naina. And now Imran is indeed a familiar name to the family audience.

Imran was interested in music and had even learned Guitar and Harmonium. He was also involved in martial arts and shooting. 

In 2016, Imran Hasnee was seen in Main Khudiram Bose Hun directed by Bhanuprakash Jha. He had also played in Deendayal Ek Yugpurush directed by Manoj Giri in 2017 and his latest movie is PM Narendra Modi directed by Omung Kumar Omung Kumar Bhandula, better known as Omung Kumar, >> Read More... Omung Kumar . He was seen playing Zafar in the film. More movies to come on the list!