Arun Kapoor is an actor and Director in the Indian film Industry. He also has worked as an Executive producer in few of the movies. He played the main lead in the 2017 horror film American Conjuring. Arun hailed from the town of Virginia, United States of America. The actor is a Non Residential Indian, who got married to Soumya Seth Known for playing the lead role of Navya Bajpai >> Read More... Soumya Seth on 15, January 2017. His wife is an actress and has predominantly worked in the Indian Television Industry. She is famous for her characters Navya in the Navya and Kauvmukhi in Ashoka. He is blessed with a son and named him Ayden. His marriage is a beautiful love story started with Soumya’s three-month tour to the USA, where they both met and fell for each other after a few meetings, and greetings.

He is a complete package of a filmmaker by acquiring all the capabilities of a brilliant actor, talented director, strict producer and a skilled camera person. The actor made his debut from the movie Maul Dogs in the year 2015. It was a comedy film, directed by Ali Zamani. It included the star cast of Azadeh Afsahi, Max Amini, Liliana Arriaga, Elisha Banks, Rell Battle, and Chingo Bling. It was a story of a strip club sold to some goon, who enjoyed bowling and was adamant on not returning the club, even after getting paid the whole money back. This genius acquired the talent of operating the camera at a small age and worked on the film Opus of an Angel in the camera and electronics department. He was the Executive Producer of the film with Zeus Zamani, Sam Kangavari, Scott Carlson, and Leyla Amini.

The film got three awards for its brilliance. It starred Cindy Pickett, William McNamara and Sofya Skya. He also acted in the American horror film American Exorcism in the year 2017.It was directed by Tripp weathers. Arun shared screen with Kate Tumanova, Jessica Morris, Jennifer Lee Wiggins, Michael Filipowich and Will McKinney. The film wasn’t a major hit but the character played by Arun was definitely worthy of appreciation. With his hands in Hollywood movies, Arun tried his luck with the famous English television series Glass Jaw in 2018 which resulted in a hit. He gave a powerful performance in the series. He got associated with the company Cine gear expo, who dominates in electronic filming. It was the largest event in Los Angeles, California for the median and entertainment Industry.