Actor Chandra Mohan Hindi Actor
  • DOB : 24-07-1906
  • Date of death: 02-04-1949
  • Star Sign : Leo

Chandra Mohan Chandra Mohan was born on 23rd May 1945 in Pammidi >> Read More... Chandra Mohan , the famous individual thespian of Indian movies, born on the 24th July 1906 in the Middle Province of Narsinghpur. Chandra Mohan Watal belonged to a well-educated household of Kashmiri Pundits. Though his dad Jagannath Sahai Watal, was a Brahmin, he was active in the state of Gwalior. His mom Roop Kishori Watal expired when he was little, and he was brought up by his caring grandma. As a consequence of being the adored grandson of his granny, Chandra Mohan was ruined right from his babyhood, and he did not get much schooling, but access to pictures made him habituated to alcohol, horse racing as well as researching. He had a first-class archive of Urdu volumes (written in Hindi calligraphy) as well as English manuscripts. He was an effortless reciter in English. After the demise of his dad, he deserted his home.

He did weird jobs at different places. One of these works was in a movie allocation corporation. It was via this firm that he joined the film world. Fortunate with a lively temperament, a pair of exceptional ogles and an extraordinary aptitude for performing and language, Chandra Mohan effortlessly touched the top of his profession without the help of any creator or manager. His adaptable character as an outstanding artist lent background to many striving leaders who, after a single eminent deed by Chandra Mohan, was himself acclaimed as a movie craftsman. With his very initial depiction, Chandra Mohan appeared and soon got addressed as the utmost character-actor of the Indian canopy. After Amrit Manthan, he labored in many films, some of his big hits being: Dharmatma, Pukar, Amar Jyoti, Shaheed, Draupadi, and Shakuntala.

In 1940 Chandra Mohan acted in a movie named ‘Bharosa’which was a Hindi/Urdu movie. Being flat in Marathi, still, he performed in 3-4 Marathi pictures as well. Two of them were Aaple Ghar and Geete. They were re-created into Hindi as Apna Ghar and Geeta respectively. In "Apna Ghar" he articulated himself with negligible use of conversations and extreme use of the gesticulations of his eyes and left his spot in an exceptional role of a harsh man. Shanta Apte Shanta Apte was an Indian playback singer and acto >> Read More... Shanta Apte portrayed his spouse. During March 1949, his fitness depreciated all of a sudden. After a sickness of 15 days, he understood that the end was close. He asked his acquaintance Sheila James (Chandra Mohan never espoused), who was yet by his side, to summon Motilal. He expired of heart failure at his home, 16, Bilkha House (now entitled as Ram Mahal) in Bombay, on Saturday 2nd April 1949.