Azeem Shirazi Hindi Actor
Birthday: 01-05-1983
Age: 36
Star sign: Gemini

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Navin Tyagi Hindi Actor

Navin Tyagi

Known for his lyrics in movies like Bhindi bazaar, Saare jahaan se mehenga, Mumbai mirror etc, Navin Tyagi is 47 years old who writes songs for hindi films. He made his lyrics debut in Bollywood with Bhindi Bazaar and wrote 5 songs for this movie out of which, one song from this movie whose title was ‘Bolo Na’ received lots of reviews and a positive feedback. It was sung by Shreya Ghoshal and Sonu Nigam. Although the movie wasn’t such a big hit, but the songs earned a lot of attention from the public. Till now, he has been a lyricist for thirteen songs out of which five songs were written for Bhindi bazaar as already told, four for ‘Saare jahaan se mehenga’ and two each for Mumbai mirror and also for ‘Jeena tere bina’. Like all the ordinary songs, these songs also have been made upto a limit of five and a half minutes. Some of the songs even are just for about two and a half minutes. As heard, his lyrics in the songs are more of practical and wordy type, which make the people interested in listening to this unique kind of collection, but it is quite obvious that these kind of lyrics are not a hit in every aspect because some people like songs and the lyrics used in them which are more kind of emotional and hear touching; but on the other page, there is a population which likes such songs. Obviously all the songs written by him are available on Youtube in the original as well as lyrics version as well. His songs in movies like Kitni Baatein, Aa ja re piya, Taan ke seena etc have been upraised by a great review and public support. He has obviously worked with a huge lot of singers like Shreya ghoshal, Sonu nigam, Shriram lyer, Tochi raina, Amit kumar, Arun daga, Mika singh, Ritu pathak, Sandeep goshwami, Shweta pandit, Roop kumar rathod, Shibani kashyap and Suraj jagan. Also mentioning the great music directors he has worked with are Amjad nadeem and Manish J tipu, It seems like these both directors became a fan of the lyrics written by Tyagi that they gave him this huge amount of songs. There are even some songs in the above mentioned list which have been co-written by Ibrahim Ashq along with Navin tyagi. One of these songs was also made in a sufi version later which was sung by Kailash kher, who is now considered to be the bollywood sufi king. So conclusively, till now he has written these songs with true dedication and it is quite expected that he will continue his work further on a bigger aspect with more standards of dedication.


Deepak Ramola

Deepak Ramola is a lyricist and is best known for films such as ‘Wazir’ and ‘Manjhi – The Mountain Man’. He has also acted in a few movies such as ‘Isi Life Mein’, ‘Bodyguard’ and a TV serial ‘Sasural Simar Ka’. Apart from being an actor and a lyricist, the 25-year-old is also a script analyst, screenplay writer, and a spoken word poet. Deepak Ramola dawns many hats, but he’s majorly known for being a life skill educator or simply, a teacher. He was born on 18th November 1992 which makes his zodiac sign Scorpio, in the city of Dehradun, Uttarakhand in India. Deriving inspiration from his mother, who despite being forced to drop out of school after grade 5 was intelligent and knowledgeable, Deepak Ramola founded Project FUEL at the tender age of 17. FUEL is the short form of Forward the Understanding of Every Life Lesson. Through this initiative, he began collecting life-changing stories of people and presenting them in the form of interactive lessons for the world to see. He learned from his mother’s life that one doesn’t require scholastic knowledge to be wise, even stories and experience are great teachers. He gathers life lessons from various people and converts it into interactive performance arts, such as theatre, poetry, creative writing which are easier to understand for the common people. Deepak, through this Project, has collected more than 50,000 life lessons and helped over 54,000 people from different walks of life with those lessons. He has conducted many workshops and interactive sessions, not only in India but also in Nepal and Afghanistan. The workshops end with collecting life lessons from the attendees. In this way, these workshops are an exchange of life changing experiences of various people from different parts of the world. He believes that anyone can publish a book, but he didn’t want to become just another quote on the wall. Hence, to make these life lessons accessible and of use, he did things differently. In 2015, Deepak and his team visited Nepal post the earthquake and helped about 800 Nepalese people with their inspirational tales. He also plans to help the Syrian refugees with the initiative. Deepak also performs ghazals, shayaris and mushairas across the world to spread the inspirational stories through different creative mediums. While Deepak Ramola has undertaken the job of spreading stories and lessons of people from one part of the world to another part, to inspire them, his own story is nothing short of an inspirational tale.

Deepak Ramola Hindi Actor