Birthday: 21-02-1951
Age: 68
Star sign: Pisces


Boris Dmitrovic is a bright star in the galaxy of great luminaries who have brightened the sky of England by their memorable contribution in the world of filmography. The way in which the wheel of cinematography has rolled since the past to reach to such a prestigious ground, where today’s British filmography stays, is just incomplete without this man, Boris Dmitrovic. What he did for English films and several TV series, is just incredible and very much appreciable. Boris Dmitrovic is mainly a producer. Throughout his life till today, he has produced a good number of world-class cinemas and motivating TV serials.

Presently, he is working as a producer in the ‘Formula Film’. Since 2001, he is the most reliable and diligent member of the most renowned organization since last sixteen years. From 1979 to 1999, he had played the role of assistant unit manager in almost 21 films and series. He started his career by the TV mini-serial - ‘Mathias Sandorf.’. Though he was not the producer of the movies or series, but worked only as an assistant manager for the next twenty years; he played his role so beautifully that helped him to get the entry into filmography as a producer. It was 1988 then.

The short film which he did in the year 1980 was ‘The Woman from Sarajevo’. The next year, he worked as the production manager in ‘Sophie’s Choice’. The year 1983 was important to him as he played the role of the Unit Manager in four episodes of the TV mini-series named ‘The Winds of War’ in this year. Those were ‘The Changing of The Guard’, ‘Defiance’, ‘Cataclysm’, and ‘The Storm Breaks’. The same work he did again in the TV serial ‘War and Remembrance’. In between these years, he created a lot of movies. Among which ‘Nadia (1984)’, ‘the Dirty Dozen: The Deadly Mission (1987)’, and ‘Intrigue (1988)’, etc. are noticeable.

Afterward, he worked as the production supervisor in four or five movies. Among which, ‘Detonator’, and ‘The Pope Must Diet’ are very much appreciable. ‘Honor Bound (1988)’ was his first movie as a line producer. His next work was ‘Ashenden (1991)’, which was a TV mini-serial. Then, his fame began to achieve new heights through the films ‘Vrijeme za…’, ‘Transatlantik’, and ‘C100 (2002)’. In 2007, he produced the movie ‘The Hunt for Troy’. ‘The Little Gypsy Witch’ was also his creation. Presently, he is working as the line producer for the film ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’.