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Bobby Ghosh Hindi Actor

Bobby Ghosh

Bobby Ghosh is one of the well known and most admired among the journalists of the entire world. Bobby Ghosh was the first Non- American ever to be titled World Editor in TIMES’s for more than 80years. What’s more fascinating and a proud thing for all the Indians is that he is from Indian origin. He currently works as a journalist and managing director of the business news website Quartz. He started his career at the age of 17 as a sports stringer for an English language paper published in Hyderabad called News Time which belonged to Eenadu, the biggest Telugu paper with Rs 150 as his first salary in Vizag. With the constant support of the local correspondent, he also worked there as reporter-researcher. After which he signed to Deccan Chronicle, a prominent newspaper in Hyderabad, which wanted to open a local edition and wanted to hire him as a full-time correspondent and offered him a salary of Rs 850. He, of course, readily agreed. Bobby was an enthusiastic and spontaneous journalist; I can surely say that because he used to work on everything for that newspaper, from a Political story and event coverage to book and movie reviews. After working for a long time in Vizag, he looked for ways to move to Kolkata. Not only because he wanted to get out from the small town to a big city but also because his high school love had moved to Kolkata, who is now his wife. Luckily, he says, despite of failed tests and other qualifiers, he was still hired in Business Standard. And later he was sent to Bombay where he worked for Business World magazine and meanwhile got married to Bipasha, his high school sweetheart. Then there came another stroke of luck named Far Eastern Economic Review. It was published in Hong Kong, owned by Dow Jones. It was like the Asian version of the Economist. He got selected for The Review. Ghosh’s boss in The Review, Adi Ignatius (currently editor-in-chief of the Harvard Business Review) was recruited by the TIME Asia, which was in the same building. And they also needed another editor for which Adi suggested Bobby Ghosh’s name as he would be a cheap as compared to other editors as he had just come from India and would not negotiate much. This is how he stepped into the TIME. He worked in TIME as office chief, and one of the longest attending journalists in Iraq. He has composed novels from other conflict areas, like Palestine and Kashmir. He has also strived for Time Europe and Time Asia and has reported topics as various technology and soccer (like his very famous article about Lionel Messi). Bobby Ghosh is currently working as Quartz's Managing Editor, based in New York City.


Sadia Dehlvi

Sadia Dehlvi is a journalist, writer, social activist and columnist of Hindustan Times. She is known for television serials- Amma and Family (1995) and Zindagi Kitni Khoobsurat Hai (2001). She also produced a television show- Not a Nice man to Know(1998) with Khushwant Singh. She was born and brought up in Delhi in 1957. Her father is Yunus Dehlvi, who lived in Sharma Ghar on Sardar Patel, Delhi. It was one of the oldest media houses of Delhi which published 'Sharma', a literary magazine and film Urdu monthly, which was closed in 1987. She is a close friend of author Khushwant Singh, who dedicated his book "Not a Nice man to Know" to her. She married Reza Pervaiz (Pakistani citizen) in 1990 and lived in Karachi for some time, where the couple had a son. She is a very religious person who regularly visits and prays at Sufi Shrines. She is an ardent follower of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya of Delhi and Khwaja Gharib Nawaz of Ajmer. For over thirty years Sadia Dehlvi has involved in various social causes and issues related to women, culture, heritage and Muslim communities. Now she lives with her son in New Delhi. She has a successful career as a writer and journalist. "Sufism: The Heart of Islam", a book based on Sufism, which was then published by HarperCollins Publishers in April 2009 and her second book, "The Sufi Courtyard: Dargahs of Delhi", also published by the same publisher in February 2012. Dehlvi’s all dated write-ups and interviews converged on topics that highlighted the demeaning of the Muslim image and stood against the Islam’s political outlook. Dehlvi came to limelight for her veteran actress Zohra Sehgal starrer television series "Amma and Family" which demeaned the conventional image of a Muslim family.

Sadia Dehlvi Hindi Actress