Birthday: 19-05-1976
Age: 43
Star sign: Gemini

Nidhi Kulpati is a successful and well known Indian journalist. She is known for being a news anchor for NDTV where she hosts many shows. She is one of the most popular Hindi newsreaders in the country. She was born on May 19, 1976, to parents Sarla Razdan and Maharaj Krishna Razdan.

She spent her childhood in a typical middle-class family. Details about her education are not known, but she received training for journalism at Sky TV in London. She was married to Neelesh Mishra, a journalist, Bollywood director, Lyricist, radio Storyteller, Photographer, Scriptwriter, and author.

The couple got divorced after a few years of marriage but soon after got remarried. Nidhi Kulpati's career began with an offer from Newstrack where she provided coverage over the Babri Masjid demolition. She later worked for DD, TVI, Zee News and BBC news networks.

Her relationship with Zee TV lasted for a good number of years, six to be precise, where she worked as a stand-up anchor. After this, she left her job at Zee News for better opportunities and joined NDTV, which at that time was a new news network.

She currently continues to work for NDTV, where she mainly covers Indian politics and anchors various shows including Prime Time, Yuva Sansad, Dilli Durbar, Mukhyamantri Chale Gaon. She has a show which is called Badi Khabar, where she holds discussions and debates with leading politicians, public figures, and analysts regarding different issues about the society.

Nidhi Kulpati went through a rough patch in her life when her remarriage was followed by an unpleasant event in 2005. She was in Mysore with her husband when he suffered a heart attack, shortly after which she lost him. The tragic news came as a nasty shock to her and everyone who knew them.

Being the dedicated and strong woman she is, after the sudden demise of her husband, she decided to remain single and focus on her work more than ever. Nidhi Kulpati began working in the field of journalism in the year 1990, and since then gained a lot of appreciation for her work, demeanor, and personality.

She is known for her calm and intelligent way of asking questions while holding discussions with her guest panel. She received the Indian News Broadcasting Award for Best Hindi news anchor. She very deservingly also won the National Television award for being the Hindi anchor of the Year in 2010.