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Hindi Filmmaker Chandita Mukherjee
  • Gender : Female
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Chandi Mukherjee is a filmmaker mostly known for her documentaries. Her work is influenced by the links between science and technology and society. Chandi Mukherjee also runs khel khatha, a shop of children’s resources. Which means playing and storytelling. Mukherjee mostly makes films on themes like education, gender equality, the potential of the internet and digital, sources, and climate crises. She also organizes learning festivals, conducts training, and works with volunteering groups and educational institutes. Chandi Mukherjee is mainly known for the resilience (2019) and full name (1991) series.

Totanama is a series in which the parrot is used as the central symbol of communication Mukherjee began her career with SITE, producing children’s science programs. Bharat ki Chaap is a result of chandita’s research. Chamita Mukherjee is the director of Comet Media Foundation. She is the winner of two national awards from the president of India and Jules Verne price of France government.


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