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Vilvin Sabu is an emerging and popular fashion designer in India who is known for her intricate attention to detail in her designs. Her distinct approach and thoughts in her collections have made her a notable named in the growing fashion industry of our country. Born in Pune, also known as the 'Queen of the Deccan', she was always determined to be a part of the fashion world. She studied hard and competed against her peers to fulfill her dreams. She did her graduation in Fashion Design Technology and started her journey in the glamour world. After completion of her course and earning the degree, she went on to work on a movie project. She was an associate director in a movie and later realized that she has still a lot to learn in this stream. She joined the London College of Fashion in the coming months.

Vilvin wanted to understand the international perspective and views regarding fashion. Because London is the city of different cultures and fashion sense mixed together she decided to do her masters from there. Her hard work and attention to detail in her designs, earned her accolades from different sources. Most notably, she received the prestigious Barnett Lawson Trimmings Award in her reputed college for the best decorative detailing or embellishments for her final year collection. The Pune girl is best known for having a perfect balance where her collections have simplicity, yet they are decorative. Her inspiration is deeply connected with both art and culture of India. Her intricate designs have made her work appreciated by others since her graduation. Her hard work and zeal saw her very own label named "Vilvin" launched or rather debuted at the Lakme Fashion Week of 2014.

Vilvin's collection at the GenNext was aptly titled as "Tropical Chic". Globe-trotter, an old English company which deals with the manufacturing of luggage's, is her muse whereas her inspiration stems from the Amazonian Rainforests. Her Tropical Chic collection has been done with the usage of ombre hand dye and graphical decorative detailing. She uses vibrant colors in her designs and expresses a certain old age historical feeling on her collections. The vivacious designer makes sure that her Indian culture is emulated in her creations. Like in her "GenNext" collection, she used handmade embroidery methods to create abstract imagery and modern flavor. Although fashion designing is what drives her, she is open to collaborate in other spheres of the industry as mentioned by herself.


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