Janvee Mehta is a Costume Jewelry Designer and Founder of Peahen and started her work from home, Moradabad making costume jewelry with brass and precious stones.

She completed her Graduation from Central Saint Martins’ College of Design and Art. She founded Peahen Jewels in 2013. She started her work from a home studio and to fame with her unique vintage costume jewelry.

She has deeply inspired femininity in nature and her vast collection consist of best quality jewels which beautify woman’s whole body.

The jewels are completely handmade, made by using ancient techniques and best quality materials which are collected from different parts India. She sells her jewelry through Popup exhibitions in Delhi and Mumbai.

Janvee understands the need for women’s empowerment and every month she heirs and trains the worker who are from an underprivileged background and still have a desire to work and be independent. And she helps them earn their respect in society.

Peahen has a mesmerizing collection of Mahapattis, Maangtikkas, Kamarbandhs, Haathphools, Earrings, Rings, Judas, Anklets, Armbands which are uniquely designed with reference to birds, animals, insects with the detailing. They design a unique kind of jewels which cannot be expected. Janvee worked as costume designer for the movie M Cream in 2014.