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Ujjawal Dubey

Other names of Ujjawal Dubey: Ujjwal Dubey

Ujjawal Dubey is an Indian fashion designer. He showcased his collection in the Lakme Fashion Week SR’14 under the label ANTAR-AGNI, which is his own label. He gained a lot of valuable experience with experienced designers before launching as a solo designer. His label, basically, focuses on men’s wear that is often left out in the fashion department. Men are not able to experiment new styles as it is very little on the shelf. He grew up in Uttar Pradesh and wanted to do PhD to become an influential personality like his grandfather or mother. His mother is a doctor.

Later, his fascination for a building made him think that he should learn architecture. He appeared for exams but passed in none. His friend advised him to give a test for NIFT, which he cleared in the first attempt. His friend recommended him to take a specialization in Textiles design. In 2006, He started studying fashion at NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology), Kolkata, India. He travelled to Australia as a part of a student exchange program at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane. It had an impact on his thinking and opened his mind. He earned a degree with a specialization in Textiles in 2010.

After that, he started working on sportswear collaboration for Adidas under Nikhil and Shantanu. He says that he never thought of being a fashion artist. He finds inspiration in everything that is around his. From the days he spent at college, he found creativity and inspiration all around himself, mostly in the form of other people’s work and the way they live their life. As he grew, his interests changed. His brand Antar-Agni works with raw and Indian textiles. The colour that he chooses for his designs is mostly restricted to greys, blacks, pastels and dirty linen.

The clothes are an amalgamation of western and Indian inspiration, which results in a fashion that is wearable on all the occasions imaginable. He describes Antar- Agni as “fluid, strongly non-conformist and unrestricted.” He finds fashion to have moved just from occasional wear to daily wear and that Indian textiles are getting quite a lot of attention which has paved a new way for Indian Fashion. He defines an Antar- Agni man as unbothered, confident and non-hesitant, a stylish man rather than a fashionable one. He is a rising talent in the fashion industry with a new outlook on design, fabric, and colours.

He was always fascinated with the technical side of things, for example, the working of hydraulics and suspensions in automobiles. The architecture also inspired him such as buildings of the Kolkata Metro, IIM Ahmedabad, and NIFT Kolkata. Thirty percent of his clients are women who end up choosing clothes designed for men. The brand generally has unisex attire.

Another version of the Bio...

Ujjawal Dubey is a very talented and amazing fashion designer. The Lakme Fashion week 2016 bought together the most amazing designers in the world. Ujjawal Dubey’s Antar-Agni has become one of the favorite and prominent. The five-day event bought together the talent of many people and showcased many different styles and fashion. Ujjawal is the kind of person who put so much of thought in men wear as and gives so much of variations. Most of the designers only focus on formal and wedding wear and most of the designers do not concentrate on the men wear much but, Ujjawal Dubey has an amazing sense of style and he tries to do innovation in men’s wear as well.

Ujjawal never wanted to become a Fashion designer he never thought like that and he never thought to be a designer even. Situations and things that were happening around made him choose this field. He never thought this way but the environment under which he was living he learned and understood so much of things from the aspirations and talented people over there. While he was studying at NIFT, Kolkata he has to do much of people around him who thought him so much. Therefore, he had so much of aspirations around him. When he grows up then slowly and gradually his thinkings and choices change and he pursue this field. Ujjawal Dubey always talks like an artist and he has the sense of clothing as well.

Ujjwal Dubey has his brand named Antar-Agni who works with raw textiles and he has some fixed colors and he works with them only. It restricts to only pastels, grays, dirty linen, and blacks. What he creates is no armed-up glamor, but rather an even, negligent confidence — tries to imagine Ghalib set to Louis Armstrong. Antar-Agni is “strongly individualist and unobstructed according to him. Ujjawal has contributed a lot to the industry and has given so much and many more new designs and innovations for the industry. The Lakme Fashion Week 2016 made him more popular and prominent personality. There he was recognized as a much more talented person who thinks in a different way. This unique personality focuses on something on which no one else does. He always tries to do something out of the box and generate unique ideas. He has done a lot of innovations with the men’s wear and is also doing a lot of things for the industry.


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