Vijay Arora Vijay Arora (Born: 27th Dec 1944) was a prominent >> Read More... Vijay Arora is a founder of Gelato Vinto, India’s first gelato ice cream chain. In 1987, He completed his studies in MBA from Cornell University.In 1993, Vijay Arora, with his wife, launched their first design collection. His main store is in Greater Kailash,New Delhi.In 1993,He showcased at Lakme India fashion week. In 2005, He launched Gela to Vin to at greater Kailash’s M blockmarket.

It was a purely natural and vegetarian frozen desert.In 2013, His Company had a turnover of INR 10 crore.His Company projected an increase in turnover of more than INR 50 crores by 2007.