Shashilal k. Nair is a successful producer-director of the south Indian film industry. He is basically from Kerala.
He gave some critically successful and box office hit movies like ‘bahu ki awaaz’ that was released in the year 1985. The movie targeted one of the most burning and ever talked about issue, Dowry. 
It is seen throughout, that his movies mostly revolve around the social issues and are made with the intention of clicking on the minds of the spectators, creating a spark in them regarding the message given by the movie.
In total he made 8 motion pictures including ‘karam daata, Parivaar, Angaar, one 2 ka 4 and ek choti si love story’ that buzzed the film city in the year 2002.
He has been into controversies during a period when he was accused by one of his actress of using a body double for shooting some of the scenes without the prior permission and knowledge of the actress. Later he deleted few of them before its release.
Shashilal has also tried his hand in acting. He was seen in the movie ‘Guardian’.
He began his career in 1980’s and very well won the hearts of many through his soul piercing and awakening thoughts that he presented in the best of ways through his movies. 
He won national award for best special effects for the movie ‘Angaar’.
His last release was ‘Lolita’, a movie that came in the year 2009. Since then he has taken a break. His next movie is awaited by his audience.
Shashant Shah Hindi Actor

Shashant Shah

Shashant Shah is a successful director-producer behind the shows like “Kahaani poori filmy hai” and “great Indian comedy show”. Apart from these he has worked for various non-fictional shows on channels like “channel V”, “Music Asia” , “Set max” etc. Born on January 1, 1970, Shashant Shah stays in the city of dreams, Mumbai. He is a partial Gujarati and a partial Bengali guy who considers Satyajit Ray as his inspiration and watching his cinema motivates and boost his up. He finds himself as a selfish filmmaker, who has a unidirectional vision that sees and targets only a successful and worth watching project (film). As far as the movies are concerned, he has directed three movies till date. “Dasvidaniya”- which was released in the year 2009, “Chalo Dilli (2011) and “Bajatey Raho (2013) featuring Vinay pathak. His movies were commercially flopped but were critically appreciated. Shah focuses on transforming a real life situation into a movie to make it more realistic so as to connect with larger section of the audience. It is seen that social issues and awareness among the people through his work has always been his prime concern. He declares the director as the sole reason behind the success or failure of the movie. “Director is entirely responsible and no one else is to be blamed if a movie doesn’t work well”- says shah. Star cast or budget is not the priority to give a big shot in the form of a super hit movie according to Shashant. Shah considers his brother’s death as a big jerk and the turning point to his life. He is looking forward to do some really good projects and establish himself as a well known director-producer of the industry in near future.


Shonali Bose

Shonali Bose, who was born in the year 1965, is a Bengali woman, who started her career in Indian film industry as Director, Producer and Screenwriter. She is well known for her film Amu that explores attacks on Sikhs in the year 1984 in Delhi. Shonali was born in Calcutta, and she grew up in Delhi and Bombay. When she was a student at Miranda House, she has been an activist. She completed her Bachelors of Arts from Delhi University and Masters in Political Science from Columbia University, New York. She got married to Bedabrata Pain, who is a filmmaker. For a year she had worked as an organizer at National Lawyers Guild and she directed a live community television in Manhattan. Her short films like Undocumented, Lifting the Veils and The Gendarme Is Here have screened in many festivals throughout the world. With film Amu she made a debut as a producer, writer and director. The film, Amu was released in India in the year 2005, which received a very good response from the audience. This film was also screened at the Toronto and Berlin Film Festivals, among many other international festivals. Shonali Bose received 7 national and international awards for her debut film Amu including the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in English, FIPRESCI Critics Award and many other awards. She was asked to convert the Amu Screenplay into a novel. She did this thing while she was editing the film Amu. The novel and the Film Amu were released at the same time in India on 7th January 2005, making her the first Indian to release a Film and Novel simultaneously. She wrote the story for the film titled Chittagong, which was directed by her former husband Bedabrata Pain in the year 2012.She is also the assistant director for this film. For this project, she already signed some of the India’s best A list actors.

Shonali Bose Hindi Actress