Shashilal k. Nair is a successful producer-director of the south Indian film industry. He is basically from Kerala.
He gave some critically successful and box office hit movies like ‘bahu ki awaaz’ that was released in the year 1985. The movie targeted one of the most burning and ever talked about issue, Dowry. 
It is seen throughout, that his movies mostly revolve around the social issues and are made with the intention of clicking on the minds of the spectators, creating a spark in them regarding the message given by the movie.
In total he made 8 motion pictures including ‘karam daata, Parivaar, Angaar, one 2 ka 4 and ek choti si love story’ that buzzed the film city in the year 2002.
He has been into controversies during a period when he was accused by one of his actress of using a body double for shooting some of the scenes without the prior permission and knowledge of the actress. Later he deleted few of them before its release.
Shashilal has also tried his hand in acting. He was seen in the movie ‘Guardian’.
He began his career in 1980’s and very well won the hearts of many through his soul piercing and awakening thoughts that he presented in the best of ways through his movies. 
He won national award for best special effects for the movie ‘Angaar’.
His last release was ‘Lolita’, a movie that came in the year 2009. Since then he has taken a break. His next movie is awaited by his audience.