Salil Chaturvedi is the co-founder of ‘Provogue’ in India. It is an apparel based brand and has its headquarters in Mumbai. It was founded in 1997 and had its first footsteps in menswear. Later on, it diversified to women’s clothing. It has Hrithik Roshan Hrithik Roshan with his unimaginable dance moves i >> Read More... Hrithik Roshan and Mahesh Babu Born on 9 August 1975 in Chennai, Mahesh Ghattaman >> Read More... Mahesh Babu (from South India) as its brand ambassadors. Salil has a B.Sc degree and has over 12 years of experience in the field of marketing and product designing. He is the Chief Marketing Officer of Provogue. He is also the Deputy Managing Director since 1st April, 2010.

Salil is a permanent Director in the organization. He is in charge of operations, outline and stock. He additionally assumes a significant part in the arrangement, conceptualization, and usage of all showcasing projects of Provogue. Salil is known for his entrepreneurial nature and has driven the groups. He has always been at the front line in the process of brand creation. Dynamic in methodology, organizing and relations with the investors, he leads new business activities in the organization. He is also the Non-Executive Director from 1st May, 2013. In February 2012, Salil was the Deputy Managing Director (DMD) of Prozone Intu Properties Limited, and on 27th February, he became the Director.

He is also the DMD of Prozone Capital Shopping Centres. He drives all business improvement, new resource class activities and land procurement in the commercial and residential parts. He has also become the Director of Prozone Enterprises. On 1st August, 2005, Salil was captured in a drug supply instance of January 2005, regardless of him protesting that he was framed. After a long case, with clear proof, the police captured him, which resulted in his arrest. They found 3 grams of cocaine in his house. After a lengthy court fight and 39 days in jail, Salil was found innocent by N.D.P.S Act, 1985, on 3rd April, 2009.