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Saif Badiya is a well-known director from Bollywood Film Industry. He was born on 21 November 1992. His birthplace is Siliguri, West Bengal. He was the fourth child of the Mahajan Family. He studied at Patna National School. He graduated from Lovely Professional University. He has an Engineering Degree. He established his Indian Entertainment Company- Shabros Film, in Kolkata, West Bengal, India  2013 and his sponsor company is Fashna.com. He is a director and a writer and has done many projects at Shapoorji Pallonji Group, Tata Housing, and RBI Gangtok.

His three films, Overdose, Ittar, and Kalibari, were selected for the 7th Dada Sahib Phalke Film Festivals in 2017. They have won the Youth National Film Award for Best Director and Best Original Screenplay for their film Teenage Year at the India Youth National Film Awards. His film Chaar Pandrah was nominated at the 16th MIFF 2020. His movies have been awarded many times in various film festivals across the world such as Official Selection in Jio Filmfare 2018 and Official Selection in Queer International Film Festival Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, North America in 2018. and Special mention festival award in the 7th Bangalore Short Film Festival. He won Honorable Jury Mention at MISFF-2019 and Best Sound Design at the 50th IFFI-GOA 2019. 

He is assistant director of Young Malang, Punjab (2012-2013), Gabru, Mumbai (2017-2018), See the Vision Production, Mumbai (2017) and Black Brick, Mumbai (2017). He is CEO of Shabros Film. He is the director of City of Dreams, Mumbai (2017- 2018) and Satashbox Media, Mumbai (2018).  His notable work as a producer is Noise of Silence (2021), Stupefied (2016), NCR: Chapter One (2021), Outcast (2023), Ittar: The perfume (2017), A Teenager Year: Bangla Sex Documentary (2017), COD- City of Dreams (2017), Chaar Pandrah (2020), Goodbyes (2022), Tropid- 0.1 (2017), Hemlock (2023), Chaar Pandrah (2019) and many more.  His notable work as a Producer includes Samosa and Sons (2023), Paap Culture (2023), Hello Hello What’s Up (2023) and Xchange (2018). His notable work as an Editor is Kali- Bari (love no barrier) (2017), A Teenager Year: Bangla Sex Documentary (2017), Mothman (2016), Stupefied (2016), COD- City of Dreams (2017), Tropid- 0.1 (2017), Goodbyes (2022) and many more.


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