Sai Paranjpye Hindi Actress

Sai Paranjpye is a screenplay writer and director. She was born on March 19, 1938, in Mumbai. Shakuntala Paranjpye Shakuntala Paranjpye was an Indian Film actress wh >> Read More... Shakuntala Paranjpye , a yesteryear actress, writer, a Rajya Sabha member, Padma Bhajan recipient, and a social reformer, and Youra Sleptzoff is her parents. Youra is the son of a Russian army general and an artist. However, soon after her birth, her parent's marriage hit rock bottom, and they divorced. Sai's mother raised her with the help of Sai's grandfather R. P. Paranjpye, who was a brilliant mathematician and worked in Australia as a High Commissioner to India. As a result, Sai's childhood passed in cities like Pune and Canberra. Achyut Ranade, her uncle, also influenced her a lot. Due to his teachings, she took to writing at an early age.

She published Mulānchā Mewā, a book in Marathi, at the tender age of eight. She is also the alumnus of National School of Drama, New Delhi. She then took up the job as an announcer with All India Radio, Pune, Maharashtra, India. Soon after, Doordarshan Television, Delhi, employed her as a director and producer. She worked with them for several years. She also held the position of the Children's Film Society of India's chairperson. In her career, she has created several movies, documentaries, and TV shows like Teheran, Sikandar, Jādoo Kā Shankh, The Little Tea Shop, Angootha Chhaap, Chaka Chak, Chote Bade, Bhago Bhoot, , Captain Laxmi, Books That Talk, Freedom From Fear, Chasme Baddoor, Dabcherry Milk Project, Maza Khel Mandu De, Hum Panchi Ek Chawl Ke, Pankaj Mullick Pankaj Kumar Mullick, who was a pioneer of film mu >> Read More... Pankaj Mullick , Begaar, Sparsh,

Sikander, Katha, Disha, Saaz, Chooriyan, Papeeha, and Suee. She has also authored books named Rigmarole And Other Plays, and Nana Phadnavis. Most of her early projects catered to the children. Three of her films have won the national awards while two among them has won the Filmfare. She married Arun Joglekar, a theatre artist. However, their marriage couldn't pass the test of time, and they separated. They have two children, a boy and a girl, from their union named Gautam and Winnie respectively. While Gautam is an actor, a cameraman, and a filmmaker, Winnie has acted in some of her mother's movies. Even after their divorce, they continued to share a great friendship as well as professional relationship. Sai is one of the few personalities, who have managed to strike a balance between the commercial as well as the parallel cinema. In 2016, the government of India has recognized her contribution and awarded her with the Padma Bhushan.