‘Sachin Yaardi’, was born in 1970 on the 1st of January and he is a Hindi movie director as well as a screenwriter who is very famous in this industry. The initial film which he directed was titled ‘ C Kkompany Click to look into! >> Read More... C Kkompany ’ and this was released to the public in the year 2008. However, before being able to direct a film by self, he wrote scripts in 2015 for ‘kyaa kool hai hum’ as well as for the one named as, ‘ Traffic Signal Click to look into! >> Read More... Traffic Signal ’ released in 2007 which were of a very high quality than which were used normally.

As a director, his works include, C Kkompany in the year 2008 and then, Kyaa Super Kool Hai Hum in the year 2012. As a screenwriter as he has worked in several movies which include the ‘Kyaa Kool Hai Hum , then Traffic Signal (2007), and also the C Kkompany (2008)as well as the film Kyaa Super Kool Hai Hum (2012).His success in the industry with regard to being a classic director is said to be due to the unique and highly professional manner in which he directs the movies so that the high level of quality is seen in the final movie in the way that the actors and actresses act in the movie. Therefore, his success has been an ever-present factor in the film industry where he remained well-known as a famous director and screen writer.