Ratna Sinha Hindi Actress

Ratna Sinha is the director of the popular Hindi soap opera ‘Babul KaAangannChootey Na’ which started on January 21, 2008, and was written by Anshuman Sinha.

The story revolved around a girl named Aastha and her dilemma after marriage. She wishes to be there to support her parents, but her demanding in-laws want her to be present for them as well. Her brother wants to move to America and start living on his own and her younger sister wants to be an actress despite her family’s objection. Her youngest sibling is handicapped and thus cannot support her parents. Aastha refuses to get married but after her boss falls in love with her and promises her that he let her take for them she agrees. The show ended on 5th February 2009 after running for a year and airing about 208 episodes.

The theme song for the show was sung by the popular singer Alka Yagnik. As of now Ratna Sinha has no more upcoming shows.