Manish Karnatak was the creator of the series “Bollywood Classroom” which is shown on YouTube and is telecasted on the channel named “Maniya Ki Duniya”. This series turned out to be very popular. The channel has got around 9.7 million views with 145k subscribers. He completed his 12th class from Pithoragarh and after that started to learn “3D Animation” course. After this, he opted for advertisements and designing full-time course. After he was done with his education, he started his profession in the field of TV commercials.

Now, he is working in Radio Mirchi and is also a creator of videos of Bollywood Classroom. He says that he wants that the content and the characters created by him to be the most liked ones. His creation of this has happened by chance. He said that he had the habit of cracking jokes on hindi songs like “Duniya Mein Ayi Ho To Kya Karna Chahiye”. One day, he went on to create a sketch, and he uploaded that creation on YouTube. He even did not try to know the views he got on this video. Later, his friend sent this video to his WhatsApp number that somebody has created an animated video for joke purpose on this song.

Only after than he saw that views for that particular video reached to 5K and later he went on to create one more video on this. People enjoyed this one also a lot with the expectation to get more videos. After the creation of the third video, people started to ask about the link for his YouTube channel, Facebook page, and twitter, etc. After all this he decided that he should be continuing this project. His creation of characters was of the format that he had in his mind “short and sweet”. The scene of the classroom was totally like the one that he had in mind.

Moreover, the behavior of the teacher taunting was just like the teacher he had during his school times. But all other characters were not real life experiences. As per his view point, he does not want any fresher acquisition in his show right now but if there is any incident of other brands showing interest in joining him, then he can think of that. Otherwise, if there is any fresh talent who wants to show something new upon which both could work together, then they are always welcome.

He has got sponsorship from Snapdeal for promoting their brand on the videos, and this was because Snapdeal is ready to promote their brand out of the story lines, and he says that if other brands also agree for the same, then he is even ready to work with them. Coming to his personal life, his nick name is “Maniya” and he likes wearing colorful undergarments. He does not like hairs on his head, and he cooks tasty food.  This year, he may also commit to a relationship.