Rubina Shergill was a popular Indian television actress who though acted for a very short span of time became a popular and much liked household name. Rubina Shergill born in the year 1982 hailed from Chandigarh from a well-educated and well off family. Rubina completed her studies from Chandigarh and graduated from the famous and reputed MGM college of Chandigarh. Initially, Rubina aspired to be a professional singer for which she also underwent necessary training but some way or the other, lost her interest in singing in due course. Once she decided to try her hands in acting, initially her parents didn’t supported her but decided to give her a chance as her mother was posted in Mumbai at that time and Rubina decided her hands in acting and try her lucks in Mumbai and accompanied her mother. With her good looks and passion for her acting along with few contacts through her friends, she got noticed and very soon landed with a meaty role in NDTV imagine’s show Rehna Hai Teri Palkon Ki Chhaon Mein where she played a supporting role and her character was named Guddi. With this show, she got noticed and landed with a prominent and pivotal role in Zee TV’s Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein where she played the role of Mrs. Simran Kaushik, a police inspector and a devoted daughter in law. This role earned her much accolades and she was also nominated for the best actress in telly awards. When all was hunky dori, fate struck. On the success party of the serial, Rubina suffered from an Ashthma attack and eventually slipped into coma which later caused her death. Rubina Shergill died on January 12, 2012. As a tribute to Rubina, Zee TV didn’t replaced her but rewrote the serial’s script which also showed Rubina’s character Simran’s death.