Dilip Kulkarni Hindi Actor
  • DOB : 20-01-1947
  • Date of death: 2002
  • Star Sign : Aquarius
Other Skills

Dilip Kulkarni is a well-known Indian actor and director. Dilip is known for his predominant contributions to the Hindi and Marathi film industry. Dilipwas born in January on the 20th, in the year 1947. He is born under the zodiac sign Aquarius. Dilip Kulkarni was born and grew up in the Deolali camp in the Nashik District. He wanted to acquire his education from Sir. J.J. Institute of Art but had to give up his dream. Dilip started working as a banker to support his family. Dilip never allowed his aspirations to get crushed under the burden of his responsibility.

His passion and love for acting were eternal. Dilip got an opportunity to display his directional skills for the play conducted by the bank in which he worked. During those days, the bank organized interbank competition with play as the genre. Dilip used this opportunity in a very enthusiastic manner and always participated. He worked in Hindi films like Mere Biwike Shaadi, Thodasa Roomani Ho Jaaye, Vinashak - Destroyer in 1998, Sarvasakshi in 1978. Dilip has also worked in television serials too. His character in the serial SirfChaar Din was a massive success such that he became so popular with that character and eventually became popular with it.

He has worked in Marathi shows like Chaal Naavachi VachalVasti, Samantar, Nayak, and many more. His self-directed Marathi play Madhu Rey's Aani MhanunKonihi got subjected to many Awards and titles. It was a time when he gained immense popularity too. In the year 1980, he tied his knot with the actress . They both shared a mutual love for theatres and acting. However, on the 22nd of December, in the year 2002, Dilip suffered a cardiac arrest and succumbed to death. His name is still taken concerning the Marathi film industry. Dilipstill rules in the hearts of many viewers.