Deven Khote is the grandson of Veteran actress Durga Khote. Being in a household of great actors and actresses, who had a passion for acting, little Deven was very much intrigued by the same; he felt the same passion.

He did his early schooling from The Cathedral & John Connon School, Mumbai. When he was in the fourth standard, he got an opportunity to play a role in a play, “Barnaby.” That irked his interest in acting in general, and in theatre in particular.

It is his love for theatre that led him to spend most of his youth days acting in numerous plays. From the year 1980 to 1990, he presented himself in some plays including Death of a Salesman, Children of a Lesser God, Night of January 16th, Noises off, God and Death, All the King’s Men, A Streetcar Named Desire and the Wiz.

He graduated from the Mumbai University, in the commerce stream. Taking a hiatus from theatre, Deven Khote moved on to make a successful career in the Media Industry. He was one of the founders and the executive director of the UTV group.

He is also on the board of directors for companies like G Interactive Entertainment Ltd, Windmill Entertainment Ltd. However, his first love ‘the theatre’ is something that kept pulling him back. After having directed at least 200 advertisements films and many television programmes, he feels that the experience differs.

He expresses his feelings saying, "In television, one has unlimited time to explore and tell a story, but in a commercial, one has to communicate the concept in 30 seconds, which is a big challenge." Recently, that is after a break of over 20 years, Deven Khote whose love for theatre was ever strong says, “Theatre is an integral part of me!”.

The reason being, and in Khote’s own words, “It’s an exciting feeling to perform in front of a live audience, unlike TV programmes. One can always change the dialogues or move around the script instantly to bring the audience’s attention together when in a play'. 

Among the many movies co-produced by him, DevD, Lagaan, Kaminey, are his favourite. However, as a Director and Producer, it is these movies, Udaan (2010), The Happening (2008) and Paan Singh Tomar (2012) that has brought him fame, Deven loves cricket and likes to read in his spare time. And when he is not doing theatre, he is involved in his other passions - photography, shooting real images with a surreal touch.

Supavitra Babul Hindi Actor

Supavitra Babul

Supavitra Babul is a Bollywood film director who came to prominence with the making of a Hindi movie ‘Bittoo Boss' that released in 2012. It was a Hindi comedy film produced by Kumar Mangat and Abhishek Pathak. The story of the movie was by Gautam Mehra and  Supavitra Babul. With this movie, Supavitra Babul made his debut in Bollywood as a writer and director. He also set up a movie company 'Bittoo movie' and released the movie. The film starred Pulkit Samrat and Amita Pathak. The film narrated the story of a man who records videos at weddings. When Babul started his journey to filmmaking, he did the job because of his passion. It was his passion to tell a story of different kinds through his lens. After his college days, Babul joined TV news, and he wanted to tell the viewers a thousand stories. Later on, as his love for camera took grew, he became a part of many popular TV shows and films. Babul is a self-taught cameraman. He had never been to any institution to learn photography. But, later on, he wielded camera for films such as 'World This Week,' ‘Aamir’ and Coke Studio in India. He was just 40-years old, when he debuted as a director. He took up a comedy subject of a photographer for his first independent movie who used to shoot the Punjabi weddings as a cameraman. After associating himself with movies like ‘Aamir’ and ‘Bittoo Boss,’ he chose to become the mastermind behind many reality shows on TV. Some of the prominent TV shows include shows Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka, K for Kishore, Coke Studio Season-1 and later on ‘Savdhan India Maha Movie'. This film narrated the real story and incidents of cybercrime.  Babul made the first ever Savdhan India Maha Movie TV series and even contributed to its second part. In addition to the concept of cybercrime, the film also threw light on other aspects of human trafficking. Babul feels as a story-teller, the medium he uses to tell a story, doesn’t matter. Hence he always engages himself to entertain the public. He works on both the TV and film media. Reports suggest that he shot ‘Savdhan India Maha Movie’ like a movie and not as TV episodes.