Vellaswamy Vanitha

Other names of Vellaswamy Vanitha: Vellaswamy Ramu Vanitha

Vellaswamy Vanitha is an Indian Cricketer. She has a best score of 34 off 25 balls vs Sri Lanka in the last T20. She was born on July 19, 1990. Vanitha made her first appearance as a cricketer in 2006 for Karnataka Women’s Cricket team. Her family has been supportive of her career. She has two sisters and a brother who are equally proud of her sports career. She even practiced at boys coaching camp. Her father took her to Karnataka Institute of Cricket when she was just eleven years old. She studied at Seventh Day Adventist, Bangalore. She attended CMR Law School and MS Ramaiah College of Law. Along with being a cricketer she is also a entrepreneur and has launched Orgobliss with her brother in 2013. Vanitha is a prominent personification of grace that a player needs in the team. She never thought of making career in cricket.

Her parents wanted her to focus more on her studies and take cricket as her hobby initially. She herself was not into the game until she turned 18 and decided to pick her hobby as a career. Due to her parents support she was able to balance between her studies and career. Her parents always let her do whatever she wanted to but were worried about her future as well and did not allow her to play cricket at professional level. Vanitha had to beg to her parents to permit her to pursue her dreams of playing for the nation. She started training in the camp along with boys and was always gender biased. Her capabilities for hitting hard like a man was always judged by others. She took it as a challenge and proved her grounds, everybody knows her stands, she is an opener.

Even though no serious comparisons can be comprehended, associations linked with sports leagues have taken various steps to increase the seriousness of handling and giving more power to women’s team too. It has become more professional for the players. She believes that participating in International Cricket tournament is important in order to display their talents and grow more interest of audience. She wants to play more international cricket to polish her skills. She intends to make this cricket crazy nation to realise that the Women’s team also wants the same response towards their game from the viewers. Along with the associations, media cover and boards, fans make a really recognizable impact on the performance of the team. She wants to get the best from her work and grow as an idol for other women to make them come forward to participate in sports fighting all odds.