Swarali Karulkar Hindi Actress

Swarali Karulkar was born on 21 st February 1992 in Mumbai. She is 23-years- old with an average height of 5feet and 3 inches. She started dancing because she wants to fulfill her mother's dream of becoming a famous dancer. She embarks her journey of dancing at an early age eventually pushed by her mother. She says she's her role model.

Apart from dancing, she has been good at debates and athletics. She claims that dancing makes her feel active. Swarali got fame when she participated in a dance reality show ' Dance India Dance'(DID). She was one of the final Contestants of Season 4.

When it comes to dance, she can do anything. Swarali is a jazz, contemporary, folk, Indian classical, Bollywood and hip-hop dancer. She astounded judges with her dancing skills in the auditions and got selected for top 15. She has always made Master Mudassar proud for being in his team.

She faced all the challenges and had given best performances along with contestant Dhiraj Bakshi.Then later she was seen as a skipper in DID LIL Master the team name of Swarali is 'Swarali Ke Sparklers.' Her choreography and bond with the kids were remarkable.