Gaurav Jaggi is a contestant of Swayamvar Season 3 - Ratan Ka Rishta Ratan Ka Rishta is a marriage reality television s >> Read More... Ratan Ka Rishta , which airs on Imagine TV. He is located in New Delhi Click to look into! >> Read More... New Delhi . He is 28 years old and is a Jewel Creator and he even an Exporter. Gaurav also maintains a jewellery shop in New Delhi. He comes from Punjab and resides in Delhi with his family members. He travels worldwide to put up Jewellery Displays.

Gaurav Jaggi is content with his life. He likes cricket sport. Gaurav is not an enthusiastic TV watcher. But he believes in Ratan Ka Rishta, which is a marriage reality program. The name of the season is kept as Ratan Ka Rishta since the Bride's name in this show is Ratan Rajput Ratan Rajput was born in Patna and came to Mumbai >> Read More... Ratan Rajput . This show was well-received by the audience.

Ratan Ka Rishta was first shown on May 13 2011 and showed Ratan Rajpoot as the bride. The show showcased several celebrities assisting the bride to deal with her significant decision of her life. The boys had different tasks and they did their best to woo Ratan.

Ratan Ka Rishta also had an official cellphone video game in its name. The series had a captivating appeal with the viewers. A wide portion of the gaming viewers were men; with the launch of the game it was a chance to do something for women also.