Shu Hirayama is a Japanese cinematographer and director. For nine years, he worked for a TV production firm that is a division of MBS (Mainichi Broadcasting System). Hirayama had previously completed a two-year filmmaking/TV production degree at the Japan Institute of Photography and Film (2006-2008).

Hirayama has completed a one-year conservatory programme at the New York Film Academy after deciding to break into the American market (2016-2017).

He worked as a director, cinematographer, and producer on many films. He worked as a cinematographer on over 23 films. He's directed five films, including shorts, feature films, and music videos. His career is not only limited to cinematography; he worked as a producer, editor, and actor in some films.

In his career, he has worked on many films, short films, and music videos. He worked on the 2013 drama "Mother.Son," broadcast by TBS, which was critically acclaimed and won an ATP Award for TV Grand Prix Minister of International Affairs and communication prize.

Hirayama draws on his professional background to establish intelligent and efficient pre-production, a calm and collected set environment, and laser-focused post-production. According to him, the "chemistry" of all individuals involved in a film's production is, according to him, the most exciting and beautiful thing in filmmaking.