Devendra Golatkar is an Indian Cinematographer. He is 27 years old. He has studied at Swami Muktananda High School in Mumbai and also has a degree from the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. In addition to that, he even has an engineering degree from PVPP College of Engineering in Mumbai. It came as a pleasant surprise when Devendra decided to chase a career in the film industry after having completed his graduation in engineering. He did not wish for a cubicle job and wanted to chase something that was more creative and challenging. He started studying in the Film and Television Institute of India, located in Pune, and became serious about movies. He had been the victor of the Asia Pacific Regional Kodak Film School Competition. His cinematography in the short film of 20 minutes included an excellent framing and composition.

He made resilient choices and used shadow and light very effectively to create a setting that was very apt for the movie. While achieving all of that, he made it a point to make the shooting look as natural as possible. It was a visual treat, and he provided such an astounding amount of creativity to it that his idol Don Burgess sent him a letter written in hand to let him know about his appreciation for the work. Devendra narrates how he made the film more appealing my using a series of diverse skills in the different sections of the movie. His film, titled Who Thought About Little Boy Click to look into! >> Read More... Little Boy , dealt with child rights and he divided them into fourparts.He made use of different lenses to shoot scenes with crowds to give a congested look, while he shot sequences with a wide lens to space everything out.

He also employed heavily the use of colors to set an ambiance that suited the feelings and emotions projected by the movie. He highlighted saturated colors to add vibrancy and enthusiasm to the shots, on the other hand, he made use of deep, muted colors to bring out the dark and depressing emotions. He felt that as a student, it was a great honor in itself just to win the nomination for the award, but having won the accolades is just an icing on the cake. He wanted to express his talents on a global scale and have his name spread on the international platform. It also became a channel for budding cinematographers who seek support from the film fraternity. He is also an avid sports lover and enjoys staying updated with Cricket and Tennis. He got married on 20th March 2016. He currently lives in Mumbai.