Punit Talreja

Other names of Punit Talreja: Puneet Talreja
Punit Talreja is a fine actor in the television industry, born and brought up at Mumbai, Maharashtra. He has worked on a project called, Baade Door Se Aye Hai Hum that is aired on Sab TV, at nine thirty every night. Here he plays the character of Hemant Ghotala. Hemant Ghotala is an alien here, and the story is about his interactions with his family, his neighbours and the rest of the world. Hemant is an innocent and simple guy who often ends up in some problems. He is popular for his characteristic behaviour of a trouble maker. Punit, in one of his posts, says that the character he plays is very similar to him in real life, as he ends up in troubles every now and then. He describes an incident where he first forgot his bag at the security check in and later his boarding pass, while he was on his way to Chandigarh during the show’s promotions!
Initially, he had to struggle for a period of two long years or so to bag his dream role. He also left the final examinations of his CA course to come to this field and pursue acting. His father helped him through this by supporting him for the first one year of struggling!
Another Version
Punit Talreja is a young Indian television actor who had a dream to become the actor. The actor belongs to a middle-class family and never had any sufficient financial background even. With no godfather in the showbiz world, the actor tried his luck in acting. He left his CA profession and made his debut in SAB Television show ‘Badi Door Se Aaye Hai’. In this series, he essayed the role of Hemant. It was the biggest decision for him to become an actor and his parents supported his wish. 
Punit always looks forward to his parent’s guidance in his life. He was born on May 23, 1984, in a middle-class family. Since he had no godfather, he had to struggle a lot. He was confused with Mumbai glamor world and had come in contact with many fraud casters. He even took up a job an estate agent in Mumbai to sustain his living. Also, the actor used to travel for 6 hours by train from his Ambernath to Mumbai to give the audition. His patience and faith in his own endeavor had fetched him a role which has comedy touch in television seral ‘Badi Door Se Aaye Hai’. In this serial, he es a character who commits a lot of mistakes in his life but bails out family’s problems very easily. First of all, when he was called for an audition, he wanted to bag the role of a negative character in TV serial. But when he was finalized for a comedy character, he was fine with the decision of TV show makers. The serial is still running on SAB TV and Punit Talreja is creating waves although he has been cast along with veteran TV artistes such as Sumeet Raghvan and Rupali Bhosale.

Puneet Tejwani

Puneet Tejwani is a popular television actor who has acted in a couple of serials and is two movies old. He started in the industry a few years back and had done his first movie in the year 2006, called Mera Dil Leke Dekho.  The movie is based on bisexuality and gays. Puneet plays the character of a guy who meets a girl in London, gets married and comes back to India after which his wife realises his orientation is different, and how they resolve the situation. He has also done a small role in the Kareena Kapoor movie, Heroine that released in the year 2012. The movie focuses on the ups and downs of a heroine’s life in the Bollywood industry.He has acted in a couple of soaps too. To start with, he has acted in the daily soap, Kitni Mohabbat Hai that aired on NDTV Imagine. The show was based on two very different people who encounter each other in a strange sequence of circumstances, and how they fall in love, while resolving their differences slowly and helping each other grow in life. Here, Puneet played the role of Chiku, a young and vibrant boy full of life, as a supporting actor.He has also featured in the show, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge that was based on the lives of the doctors who worked at the Kotnis hospital. Here, he played the role of Aditya, who is a bank manager and is also the brother of the villain in the show.  He is shown as a heartless banker, who squeezes out money from the protagonist and her dad, even in the most adverse situations, in return for a loan.

Puneet Tejwani Hindi Actor