The 20th day of April of 2003 was the most memorable day in the lives of the most trending couple of the time Mr. Ajay Devgn and Ms. Kajol as they got a new guest not only in their home but in their lives. They named the new guest ‘Nysa Devgn’ which means ‘The Goddess of Purity’. Nysa is very special to their parents Ajay and Kajol, Ajay in his interviews said the little princess is the stress buster for him. Nysa is a brilliant student carrying out her education from Dhiru Bhai International Public School, Mumbai. She is a versatile personality with sharp thinking ability. As stated by Ajay Devgn Nysa is highly observant which indeed is one of the best quality of her.

Ajay Devgn has often praised her ability of analysis. She is born in the family of superb actors though she is taking the legacy forward in acting. In a school project she exhibited her ability by making a short video which was not only praised by the respected teachers but also by many celebrities, this incident made her be in headlines for next few days. Ajay and Kajol, on one hand, treat Nysa as a princess, on the other hand, they are quite strict. Kajol in her interview mentioned “I am really strict to my children and I too explain to Nysa that I have to be harder on her, I have to teach you many things which that no-one in the entire world who will be turning around and say to her.

It has to be done by me and tell her that she is doing this in wrong way. I have to give her values. “ This shows that Kajol and Ajay are very concerned about the upbringing of Nysa. Ajay is a very loving dad treats Nysa like a princess. Recently Nysa was out with Ajay to London. They enjoyed there a lot and were like two friends. In spite of being so special to the Devgn family Nysa too has someone very special in her life, he is no one else but her younger brother Yug Devgn.

Nysa is a very caring sister as mentioned by Ajay Nysa takes care of Yug with great enthusiasm. Nysa in spite of being a wonderful girl she does not have any boyfriend and Kajol too keeps a watch on her personal relations as she does not want anybody in her life till at least she turns 16. Nysa loves to read books just like her mother and would carry this in her hobby. She has an adorable personality and being in the learning stage of her life she simply likes to add more beads of experiences in her rosary of life.