Aayan Boradia is a child actor who made his impression though his brilliant performance as a six-year-old Arjun. He gave a stunning performance as Arjun, who is sent to boarding school when his stepmother arrives. He played the suffering emotions of a child very well, and made it last till the movie’s end. The film was an outstanding children’s film and even got screened in the 40th Giffoni Film Festival for Children's Films in Italy, winning the Audience Choice Award. The film had a story penned by Anurag Kashyap. His performance was particularly so true to the character. This stunned many viewers, especially when the performance of the child actor comes from an actor who has not even hit puberty. Even the international audience felt how he got such an amazing head start in his first film itself. He is one of the smallest (age-wise) actors on the big screen. The haunting look in his innocent eyes earned him more appreciation that has charmed the critics and viewers alike.

Many critics have felt that Aayan Boradia has emerged as the most talented actor, in his age group, in Bollywood history. If anyone has seen the movie, they would probably remember that stirring, delicate performance from Aayan, whose eyes can sparkle with joy, grief and wonder, depending on what the story “ Udaan” tells us. Like many child stars, Aayan too had a signature look, he would keep his eyes wide, mouth easily open for any dialogues or keep mum for a silent scene. When you see this actor playing a child role for the first time, one can guess what a heart-warming presence he had in the movie. Later on, the talented actor was seen playing young Devdas for TV series ‘Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya’ (2013). But people still search for this actor. As a host of new child actors are taking their first steps in Bollywood, it is true Aayan Boradia has made his successful debut, which is more than luck by chance.

Zuhab Khan Hindi Actor

Zuhab Khan

Zuhab Khan is a famous childhood actor who was born in Karachi, Pakistan on May 4 2001. He is the grandson of Moin Akhtar and is a well known child actor now-a- days. This fourteen year old wonder was very passionate about acting and hence he started his career at a very early age. He began by acting in commercials and later moved on to try his luck in the TV series industry.   This gave him popularity and an experience in acting. It was not soon that he became a popular name in the Pakistani household. He got the opportunity to become a part of some famous soap operas like ‘Omar Dadi aur Gharwalay’, a 2012 Pakistani Romantic drama then ‘Kash Mai Teri Beti Na Hoti’, which won many hearts and appreciaton. He also performed in ‘Madiha Maliha’ written by Dilawar Khan and ‘ Mein Mummy aur Who’, a sitcom which revolved around a girl named Pinky and her mother. His role in all these small screen dramas got him a lot of attention and many opportunities.   This talented boy has even been a part of some of the most critically acclaimed movies like ‘3 Bahadur and Abdullah: The Final Witness’ which released in 2015. This movie was critically acclaimed and appreciated by the audience. His acting skills seem to enhance with his every different role and occurrence on the screen. Currently, he is working on a movie named ‘Examstic’ which will get released in 2016. At this young age, he enjoys a huge fan base and is adored by his followers. He has come a really long way and have miles more to go.


Alayana Sharma

      ‘Alayana Sharma’ was born on June 20, 2006. Alayana Sharma is a Bollywood actress and had done as a child artist. She is known for the couple of Hindi movies she had acted namely 'Bhoot Returns’ and 'Boochi 3D'. Both the films were released in the year 2012. Despite the fact that she had acted in only two movies, it had made a huge impact amongst the audience. Her acting was just brilliant and mind boggling.       She got into acting at the age of 6 which in itself is an accreditation for her. 'Bhoot Returns' movie had affected Alayana critically bad. The movie is a sequel of the movie 'Bhoot'. Alayana seemed to be bothered by watching her own performance in the movie 'Bhoot Returns'. This is basically a 3D horror movie. Alayana watched it with her parents in the special screening of the film. She got scared at her acting. Her role is based on the fact that she is possessed with a spirit. It seems like Alayana's mother would likely be filing a case against the director Ram Gopal Varm. During the course of filming, there aroused a misunderstanding between Manisha Koirala and Alayana Sharma.         The child actress was wondering as in why Manisha Koirala had given typical face reactions to her. It was the script and Manisha Koiral was supposed to act like that. Not knowing this fact, the child actress felt bad about Manisha Koirala. Manisha Koirala did not want to take it personal and spoke with Alayana. While convincing, Alayana seemed reluctant and pestered Manisha Koirala with questions. So finally Manisha Koirala decided to stop talking to her. Precisely 'Bhoot Returns' movie had literally affected the mind of Alayana Sharma.

Alayana Sharma Hindi Actress